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Digital Media & Marketing Communications Digital Media & Marketing Communications

Programme Name

Post Graduate Programme in Digital Media & Marketing Communications

Programme type & duration

12-month, full-time classroom programme


Bachelor’s degree with minimum 18 months of experience


Ulwe Campus, Navi Mumbai, India

Programme Leadership

Programme Advisory Council


Course Curriculum

These are mandatory courses that will help to set the foundation in the Digital Media and Marketing Communications domain. A list of potential courses is shown below.

Core & Foundation Courses

Consumer Insight
Marketing in Digital Age
Quantitative Methods
Media Economics
Strategic Marketing Communications
Media Ethics and Policy
Financial Accounting
Strategic Brand Management
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Media Planning & Buying
Content Creation and Storytelling

These are elective courses in the Digital Media and Marketing Communications domain that students will choose as per their interests. A list of potential courses is shown below.

Advanced Elective Courses

Creative Brand Building
Digital Media Analytics and Metrics
Marketing Strategy
Managing New Products
Business Analytics
B2B Marketing
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Strategic Negotiation

These are mandatory short term courses that will help in holistic development of students. A list of potential courses is shown below.

Holistic Learning Module

Design Thinking
Effective Communication
Research Thinking
Systems and Solution Thinking

The curriculum will be delivered through new-age pedagogy, research opportunities and industry immersion experience.

New-age modules

Capstone & Industry Immersion
Industry Connect
Entrepreneurship Module
Study Abroad Module
Thought Leaders at Jio Institute

To ensure hands-on and application-based learning throughout the programme, students will have access to state-of-art labs for pursuing coursework as well as other research activities. 


Media Studio
Production Control Lab
Audio Editing Bay
VO Foley Room
Video Editing Bay
Robotics Lab
Computer Vision Lab


Admissions & Fees

Jio Institute has formulated a seamless and digital admissions process to apply to its academic programmes. It will encourage applications from meritorious students across the spectrum and ensure adequate opportunities for applicants from India and the world.

Frequently asked questions

When will Jio Institute begin its academic year?

Jio Institute’s programmes will begin from the academic year 2022-23.

You can visit Admissions for more information on key dates.

What about placements? Are you giving any assurance?

Jio Institute has a dedicated Career Development Centre (CDC) which liaisons with corporates, startups, and MNCs to explore live projects and job opportunities for our students. The CDC also utilizes the Reliance ecosystem for creation of multiple such opportunities. Apart from inviting companies for placements, the CDC also provides a comprehensive career preparation module that will help the student pursue careers of his/her choice. 

For more details, please visit Career Development Centre (CDC)

What is the ‘Study Abroad’ module at Jio Institute?

Jio Institute has designed a module in collaboration with leading academic institutions from different parts of the world to provide students with an opportunity to experience their academic and research ecosystems; enhance skills relevant to their programmes as well as explore global cultures.

For more information, click here.


Are Scholarships available? How can I get Scholarship?

Generous scholarships will be available to the candidates based on their needs. While filling up your application, you can express your interest for availing scholarship by providing some basic details in the Scholarships and Financial Aid section of your Application form.

You can apply for our programmes by visiting our Admissions portal