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Enable and Empower individuals

Enable and empower individuals to explore questions of real importance in order to discover and develop innovative solutions.

Research activities integrated

Integrated research activities with a focus on developing a culture of openness, spirit of enquiry, experimentation and practical understanding.

Encourage Interdisciplinary research

Encourage interdisciplinary research, enable collaborations, explore and display technology platforms.

Constant Evaluations of Research

Constant evaluations of research outcomes with a specific focus on upholding the highest level of integrity, originality, significance and rigor.

Research at Jio Institute

Computer Vision in Medical Imaging (CVMI)

Our goals in this CVMI project is to automate the traditional tasks performed by clinician and radiologists such as lesion detection, segmentation, classification, and monitoring from clinical medical imaging using CV techniques in Indian context.

Semiconductor Materials for Emerging & Integrated Technologies

We aim to combine unique nanofabrication and integration processes to develop an atomistic understanding of the science of epitaxial growth of semiconductors and implement nanoscale probes to test their properties and functionalities

Microbiota Therapeutics

We develop live bacterial therapeutics to target human health and disease. The core focus of our laboratory is engineering of complex microbial communities across body sites (gut, skin, vaginal tract) using combinatorial approaches (FMT, probiotics, prebiotics, cocktail of bacteria). Current active projects in the lab include: 1) Personalized Probiotics for optimal gut health 2) Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) reservoir detection and decolonization through probiotics 3) Microbiota baseline across infancy to gerontocracy, for gut, skin, and vaginal sites 4) Crapsules for engineering of microbiota

The Cancer Metabolism and Therapeutics lab

Our laboratory is working to understand how and why metabolic reprogramming occurs in tumor cells to discover new strategies to treat human cancer.