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PGP in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Programme overview

In this programme, students will embark on a journey that explores the fascinating realm of cutting-edge AI technologies that are reshaping industries, revolutionizing decision-making, and transforming the way we interact with data/information. Our comprehensive and rigorous curriculum covers courses from foundation to advanced levels. Key concepts and technologies include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Fundamentals of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optimization, Bigdata Engineering, Data Visualisation, Responsible AI, Reinforcement Learning and Time Series Analysis. The various courses are taught by renowned research-oriented faculty and industry practitioners from India and from around the world. The programme aims to instil strong theoretical foundations as well as the know-how to create practical solutions for enterprises and society. Students learn to convert business problems and workflows into AI&DS products and solutions across multiple verticals/industries. Enriched by exposure to real-life AI&DS applications through capstone projects and lectures from industry veterans, students are exposed to hands-on exercises, practical projects and quizzes to reinforce their learning.

PGP in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
PGP in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Programme Leadership


Programme Advisory Council

Course Curriculum

Mandatory Core and Foundation Courses

Probability and Statistics for AI
Introduction to Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms
Introduction to AI
Databases & Data Warehouses
Machine Learning
Time Series Analysis
Big-Data Engineering
Data Visualization
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Speech Processing
Deep Learning
Human Computer Interaction
Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops)
Responsible AI
Recommendation Engine


Advanced Elective Courses

Advanced Topics in Bigdata Engineering
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
Advanced Topics in Statistics
Deep Learning for NLP
Deep Learning for Speech Processing
Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Graph Theory & Network Thinking

In this “industry talk series” and “case studies for AI applications” course, students will learn how AI/DS is applied to various industry verticals. The wide variety of use-cases across different verticals will highlight the common principles of applied AI/DS in real-world inclsing: (a) understanding the right pain points and identifying the right opportunities for AI/DS in each vertical, (b) formulating the business problem into an AI architecture, (c) using both domain knowledge and data to build AI/ML/DL models, and (d) integrating these models into the existing business processes. This course will have industry lectures throughout the year on: 

AI for X series

AI for Industry Verticals
AI for Society Verticals
AI for Business Functions

Holistic Learning Module

Design Thinking
System and Solution Thinking
Communication Skills for Data Scientists
Leadership & Entrepreneurship for AI&DS


Computer Vision Lab
Media Studio
Production Control Lab
Video Editing Bay
Audio Editing Bay

Placement Overview

Tools and Platforms covered



Admissions & Fees

Jio Institute has formulated a seamless digital admissions process to apply to its academic programmes. We invite applications from meritorious students from accross the globe. Eligibility for PGP in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science :

  1. A four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent, in the field of Engineering/Science/ Mathematics and Statistics with minimum 50 per cent or equivalent CGPA. A postgraduate degree (if the undergraduate degree is of three years) in the field of Engineering/Science/Mathematics and Statistics with minimum 50 per cent or equivalent CGPA.
  2. A strong foundation in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science along with programming experience.
  3. A valid GRE/GMAT/GATE/CAT score or appear for Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET)
  4. Preference shall be given to candidates with relevant experience. 

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Frequently asked questions

When will Jio Institute begin its academic year?

Academic year 2024-25 will begin in April 2024. 

For more information about our academic programmes, please click here- Admissions 

What about placements? Are you giving any assurance?

Jio Institute has a dedicated Office of Career Services  (OCS) which liaises with corporates, start-ups, and MNCs to explore live projects and job opportunities for students. Apart from inviting companies for placements, the OcS also provides a comprehensive career preparation module that will help the student pursue a career of his/her choice. 
For more details, please visit Office of Career Services

What is the ‘Study Abroad’ module at Jio Institute?

Jio Institute has designed a module in collaboration with leading academic institutions from different parts of the world to provide students with an opportunity to experience their academic and research ecosystems; enhance skills relevant to their programmes as well as explore global cultures.

For more information, click here.

Are Scholarships available? How can I get Scholarship?

Generous scholarships will be available to the candidates based on their needs. While filling up your application, you can express your interest for availing scholarship by providing some basic details in the Scholarships and Financial Aid section.

You can apply for our programmes by visiting our Admissions portal