Is Jio Institute affiliated to any entity?

Jio Institute is a private higher education institution committed to offer world-class education delivered by renowned faculty from around the world.

What is the batch size? 

For each of our Post Graduate Programmes, our batch size will be about 60 students, in line with class size of PG Programmes in global universities.

Why should I consider Jio Institute over any other established university/school?

Jio Institute is research-focused multidisciplinary institution with world-class programmes, faculty from globally top-ranked universities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It seeks to provide holistic development of students and prepare them to be future leaders. Our programmes are carefully designed to achieve academic excellence, business relevance and social significance. Our world-class faculty will focus on holistic development through interdisciplinary modules and global exposure. By leveraging our connections with industry, the Institute will enable students to grow personally and professionally and make an impact on society. Every student of Jio Institute will get an opportunity to travel overseas to study at one of our collaborating institutions. 

For more details, please refer The Jio Institute Advantage.

What all labs do you have? How will those be helpful during the programme?

For AI & DS programme, we have set up dedicated labs such as Robotics, AR/VR Lab and Computer Vision Lab. 

For DM & MC programme, we have set up dedicated labs such as Media Studio, Production Control Lab, Audio and Video Editing Bay, Voice Over Foley Room.

For more details, please visit Laboratories.

What is the affiliation of Jio Institute? Is it recognised by UGC? What is it's ranking in India?

Jio Institute is a private higher education institution committed to offer word class education delivered by renowned faculty from around the world. 

Jio Institute aspires to feature in the top global ranking over next 15 years. 

In 15 years, Jio Institute shall provide programmes in Computing & Engineering, Architecture & Urban Planning, Media, Communication & Journalism, Arts, Humanities & Science, Management & Entrepreneurship, Law Governance & Policy and Medicine at UG, PG, Doctoral and Post Doctoral level.

For details about Jio Institute's growth plan, please refer Growth Plan.


Where can I learn more about Jio Institute’s academic programmes?

Jio Institute is offering postgraduate programmes in the following areas:

  • For information about the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science curriculum, click here.
  • For information about the Digital Media & Marketing Communications curriculum, click here.
When will Jio Institute begin its academic year?

Jio Institute’s programmes will begin from the academic year 2022-23.

For more information about our academic programmes, please click here.

Can you tell us more about Jio Institute’s curriculum?

Jio Institute will offer programmes with a comprehensive and research focused curriculum.

  • For information about the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science curriculum, click here.
  • For information about the Digital Media & Marketing Communications curriculum, click here.
What is the ‘Study Abroad’ module at Jio Institute?

Jio Institute has designed a module in collaboration with leading academic institutions from different parts of the world to provide students with an opportunity to experience their academic and research ecosystems; enhance skills relevant to their programmes as well as explore global cultures.

For more information, click here.

Which international institutions has Jio Institute collaborated with?

Jio Institute has collaborated with a number of reputed institutions across the world including the University of Toronto (Canada), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), The University of Manchester (UK), and the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, University of California San Diego (USA).

What is the ‘Capstone & Industry Immersion’ module at Jio Institute?

Students at Jio Institute will be part of an immersion experience where they will have the opportunity to work with leading companies and gain real-world work experience. click here.

Can you tell me more about Jio Institute’s faculty?

Jio Institute’s faculty includes distinguished academicians from around the world. In addition, several industry-experts will also be part of the teaching team at the Institute. For more information about faculty, click here.

Given the pandemic situation, will the academic sessions be online/physical or a combination of both?

Jio Institute will adopt a combination of online, in-campus, and blended learning mechanisms to conduct its academic programmes. The Institute is committed to ensuring the safety of all members of its community and will adhere to all guidelines specified by the Central and State governments.

For more information on the Institute’s response to COVID-19, please click here.

What kind of academic resources will be available to students at Jio Institute?

All students at Jio Institute will have access to excellent educational content through books, journals and other material. In addition, all members of the Jio Institute community will have access to Jio Institute Digital Library’s vast collection of resources, guides and curated content.

Tell me more about the Jio Institute Digital Library

The Jio Institute Digital Library is a centre for teaching, learning, creativity and innovation. The Library will comprise an ever-expanding collection of academic and research resources as well as curated special collections - all of which can be seamlessly accessed through world-class discovery systems.

What kind of help will Jio Institute provide its students for career development?

Jio Institute’s Career Development Centre will work with students to understand their interests and strengths, and provide career counselling towards achieving their professional goals in the corporate, entrepreneurial, or academic arena. The Centre will organise a series of individual and group interventions to help students develop domain and functional knowledge, apart from building their all-round skills through sessions in communication, corporate etiquette, and leadership. The Centre is also building relationships with industry and other stakeholders to help create internship, placement, research, and entrepreneurship opportunities for all students.

Where are the faculty based out of?

Faculty at Jio Institute comprises academic scholars and thought leaders from renowned universities and industry globally and in India.

Would the international faculty come to Jio Institute campus and teach in-person or teach online?

The programme faculty at Jio Institute shall teach in-person classes and shall be on campus for the duration of the course. In addition to enrich the student experience, Jio Institute shall also invite global faculty & thought leaders who may join digitally.

Can you connect me to any of the faculties of AI and DS?

Faculty information is available on Jio Institute website & programme brochures. If you still have a specific query, please write to us at to take it forward.

How much theoretical and how practical the programme would be?

The programmes are comprehensive and rigorous with a good blend of theory and practice. In addition to classroom based lectures, the programme also includes experiental and hands-on learning components such as case studies, lab assignments, projects, industry visits and capstone project, etc.

Can you please brief about the course structure/ curriculum ?

The programme comprises of four quarters. The first two quarters focus on building Core Foundational knowledge. The remainder two quarters will focus on providing depth in advanced topics and practical experience through a capstone module. The third quarter will also include an overseas module. 
For more details, please refer: link

What all courses do you provide? Is it a degree programme?

Presently, Jio Institute is providing Post Graduate Programmes in two disciplines: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and Digital Media & Marketing Communications. These are industry oriented certificate programmes. 

For more details, please refer Academics

Do you have the list of electives I can choose from in the particular programme?

The Post Graduate Programme in AI & DS comprises electives such as Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Recommendation Engine, etc.

For information about the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science curriculum, click here.


The Post Graduate Programme in DM & MC comprises electives such as Content Creation & Story Telling, Digital Media Analytics & Metrics, Managing New Products, etc.

For information about the Digital Media & Marketing Communications curriculum, click here

How are your programmes different from online programmes?

These are full-time on-campus programmes. We are an interdisciplinary research-driven institution that attracts academicians, researchers, and students of the highest calibre. By becoming a part of the Institute’s on-campus (residential) community, you will experience an enriching intellectual environment and an enterprising approach to learning.  In addition, students will benefit immensely from the study abroad module, dedicated high-tech labs and enriching life on campus.

What is the mentor network a student gets?

Faculty & experts advising from top global institutions will form the part of students' mentor network. Apart from that, a student will also get an opportunity to be mentored by the experts from the industry/social sector. Student will also network & collaborate with talented peers and global experts.

What will be a typical day/week for a student?

Classes will begin at 9 in the morning. There will be about 3-4 classroom sessions of 90 minutes each followed by the lab work or other activity. Classes will be held 5 days a week with an additional day for experiential modules such as industry visits, seminars, industry talks. After classes, students will have time for self-study and collaborative activities such as projects, assignments, case studies.

What are the Research Prospects?

Research is one of the key focus areas for Jio Institute. Jio Institute encourages students to:

  • Enable development of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media, etc. through its interdisciplinary research set-up, vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem, and a culture of innovation.
  • Build long-term relationships with global researchers, educators and scholars.
  • Participate in joint-research projects with scholars and institutions across the globe.
  • Encourage student and faculty exchange programmes with top educational and research institutes.
  • Integrate best international, and Indian practices in education and research for addressing global and national challenges.
What are the facilities at Jio Institute that support research?

Research is an important value at Jio Institute.

Jio Institute has state-of-the-art facilities such as AR/VR lab, Robotics lab, Computer vision lab, Media studio, Production Control lab, Audio & Video Editing Lab, 

The institute also has world-class library with access to numerous resources - like databases, case studies, dissertations, books, and journals - which support research.

The Centre of AI for All at the Jio Institute is a dedicated research Centre functioning as an integral part of the Institute to execute its multi-disciplinary research vision.

For more details, please refer Centre of AI for All

What is the schedule-calendar for whole year including quarter break?

The programme is divided into 4 quarters with Q1 commencing from July 18, 2022. Towards the end of every quarter, term end exams will be conducted. There will be small breaks within every quarter. For more details, please refer: Link

What is the examination and evaluation system?

Students will be continuously assessed based on quizzes and assignments. In addition, students will take a term-end examination and take a project in the course. Students will also be given a long-form skill-based assessment, indicating the skills developed in the given course (Technical and non-technical). For a majority of the courses, the assessment will be in the form Quizzes/ Assignments, End-term Examination, and Projects. The faculty will have the flexibility to modify the above composition.

What is the grading system and minimum requirement to pass certificate?

Jio Institute follows a relative grading system where students receive grades from A to D (that can be translated to a Grade Point Average, as per international norms). Audit courses (Pass/ Fail) shall also be offered at Jio Institute, that may not count towards Grade Point Average. Institute Grading system shall be available to admitted students in the Students Handbook. 

How does Jio Institute bring world scholars to India?

Jio Institute has already taken first step by bringing faculty from top global institutions to teach the students. We also organize conferences and symposiums and invite scholars from around the world to attend them. We will participate in joint-research projects with scholars and institutions across the globe. We will encourage student and faculty exchange programmes with top educational and research institutes.

When will I get to choose my electives? Could I change it later?

Students can choose elective at the end of Core module quarters. For Post Graduate Programme this shall be after Quarter 2. Students may drop electives prior to Session 2 of the said elective.

Can I get time table in advance so that I can plan my travel to home accordingly?

Yes, once your admission in confirmed, we will share with you a detailed academic calendar, including a list of holidays. 

During medical emergency can I resume the programme and continue in next cohort? 

In case of exigencies, Jio Institute will consider such a request. However, approval of such request may be subject to various factors to be decided on case to case basis.

What is centre of AI for all? How will it help?

The Centre of AI for All at the Jio Institute is a dedicated research Centre functioning as an integral part of the Institute to execute its multi-disciplinary research vision.

For more details, please refer Centre of AI for All

What is the attendance criteria? What percentage of  attendance is mandatory for the programme?

To derive the best output from the programme, you are expected to attend all the lectures. However, in case of exigencies, you will be required to inform the concerned programme manager. 

What all days will be my classes? Will I have classes on Saturday or Sunday as well?

Regular lectures will be conducted from Monday - Thursday. Friday will be mostly reserved for guest lectures/ seminars. However, given the intensiveness of each programme, a significant amount of time on weekends will have to be devoted to self-learning and project work.

You will also have time to experience a balanced student life to focus on your health and fitness, recreation and social interactions.

What will be the timings of lectures?

The usual lecture timings will be from 9 AM - 4 PM and there will be short breaks within this duration.

Time will also be devoted for discussions with the faculty.

Can I access Library on weekends?

Jio Institute has set up a state-of-the-art library adopting a blend of advanced digital technology and physical space to augment the knowledge and learning needs of its students, faculty and staff.

Library resources include extensive print and e-books, journals, databases, and multi-media content as well as a vast collection of open-access material.

The Library will be accessible to all members on weekends as well.

Are the admissions open? What is the last date to apply?

Yes, the admission to both our PG Programmes in AI & DS and DM & MC is currently open and the last date to apply is May 20 , 2022. 

Please visit Admissions for more information.

What is the admission process?

Our admission process is a simple three step process:

  1. Fill in the online application that includes your academic and work experience, SOPs and letters of recommendation. After that you will need to upload supporting documents and pay the application fee.
  2. An online Jio Institute Entrance Test will be held for which the link will be sent. Alternately, you may also submit your valid GRE scores.
  3. The shortlisted candidates will go through an online personal interview. 
  4. The final selection will be on the holistic evaluation of application, entrance test and personal interview.

For more details, please refer Admissions for more information.

What is the eligibility criteria PGP in AI & DS? Am I eligible?

The AI & DS Programme is designed for professionals who wish to build a career as a full-stack Data Scientist, AI Researcher,  or Industrial & Societal Entrepreneur. 
To apply, the candidate should have the following eligibility:

  •  A bachelor’s degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) or a relevant discipline with at least 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA. All candidates must have completed at least one course at the undergraduate level in either Computer Science/ IT/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Economics.
  • At least 18 months of relevant work experience as of July 1, 2022.

For more details, please refer to Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS)

What is the eligibility criteria for PGP in DM & MC? Am I eligible?

The DM & MC Programme is designed for professionals looking to transition to roles in brand strategy, digital marketing, consumer research, etc. 

To apply, the candidate should have the following eligibility:

  • Candidates must have at least a three-year undergraduate degree in any discipline with minimum 50% or equivalent CGPA.
  • At least 18 months of work experience as of July 1, 2022

For more details, please refer Post Graduate Programme in Digital Media & Marketing Communications (DM & MC)

Is work experience mandatory?

The applicants are required to have a minimum work experience of 18 months as of July 1, 2022. This experience will enable the candidates to better understand the application of knowledge, tools and concepts in industry and respective domains.

I graduated 1 year back but not working since. Am I eligible to apply?

The applicants are required to have a minimum work experience of 18 months as of July 1, 2022. This experience will enable the candidates to better understand the application of knowledge, tools and concepts.

Will working for my father's business count as work experience?

Working in family business/your own startup can be considered if you can demonstrate that you have gained relevant work experience which enables you to better understand the application of knowledge, tools and concepts learnt during an academic programme. We encourage you to apply and seek guidance from an admissions counsellor to gain further insight. 

I have 8-10 years of work experience. Can I apply? What is the average age group of the batch?

We expect our students to have a minimum of 18 months of work experience. Candidates with higher experience are welcome to apply.

When will the session commence? Will it be an online session or physical classes will take place?

Our first academic session will commence in July, 2022. It will be an on-campus programme. 

I have not appeared for any entrance exam. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you can apply. Every applicant will be required to take the online Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET) after submission of the online application. Alternately, applicants can also submit a valid GRE® test score.

I have 49% in my graduation? Can I apply?

As per the eligibility criteria, you should have at least 50% in graduation in order to apply.

I am yet to clear one subject of my graduation? Can I still apply?

We recommend that you complete your under graduate degree programme before applying. You are also required to gain at least 18 months of post qualification work experience so that you can derive the best value from this programme.

I have a valid GMAT/CAT/XAT/GRE score. Am I eligible to apply?

Jio Institute accepts valid GRE scores. In case, you have not taken GRE, you may take the online Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET) after submission of the online application.  

What is your cut off? / How much do I need to score in JI exam to qualify?

Candidates will be evaluated holistically based on the quality of their application, their test scores and online interview. Test score will be one of the components, that will be evaluated and hence there is no specific cut-off.

I have filled my application but I want to appear for the interview later as my admission decision/result for other PG college is pending. How much extension can I get?

The interview dates can be rescheduled, but must be attended before June 5, 2022. 

I wanted to visit the campus before applying. When can I come? What is the procedure?

We would encourage you to visit the campus and meet our admissions team. You can schedule your visit by calling on our toll free 1800 889 1100

Can I get some sample paper for JI Exam? Can you please guide me about that?

You may refer to the Sample Test paper of Jio Institute Entrance Test by clicking here.

How many sections are there in JI exam? What is the total score of exam?

The Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET) will contain 3 sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Writing Skills. It is an online test that you can take from the comfort of your home. The test will be of 100 marks. For more details, please refer details by clicking here

I am not able to upload my documents. Could I email the documents and you'll upload it on my behalf?

It is recommended that you upload all documents through the application portal.

In case of any issues, you can raise a ticket on the Admissions portal.

You may also reach out to us at or 1800 889 1100.

Is there any advantage of submitting the application early?

Yes, we recommend you to submit your application as early as possible.

What if my student visa for India gets rejected. Will the admission fees be refunded?

Yes, in such special cases which are beyond your control, we would refund the admission fees after due verification.

How do I reach the Jio Institute campus?

The Jio Institute campus is located in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai and is well connected with all major locations across Mumbai through public transport. In addition, Mumbai’s second international airport is being built in the campus’s vicinity.

Nearby landmarks

Railway Station:
Bamandongri (Nerul-Uran Line) 1.1 km , 10 minutes walk

Bus Stop:
Sector 5, Ulwe / Aai Taru Mata Chowk (NMMT) 0.2 km , 3 minutes walk.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport 44 kms. approximately 1.5 hours drive.

How is the student life at Jio Institute?

Jio Institute believes in the holistic development of students by providing a vibrant and multi-faceted environment conducive to personal and professional growth. For more information, click here.

What is it like living in the city of Mumbai?

Situated on the west coast of India, Mumbai is one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in the world. Living in Mumbai is a very different experience to living anywhere else in the country - it is very much for a person who loves the ‘big city’, like one might New York or London. Locals proudly refer to it as the city that never sleeps, and while on the surface it may seem that everyone is busy, Mumbaikars are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They will welcome you to their city with open arms. It's also a melting pot of languages means you will never have trouble being understood. Quality of life in Mumbai can be excellent, especially for expatriates, as the cost of living is considerably lower than that of similar cities across the world. There is a large expatriate community within the city and a lively social life with something for everyone. The city also boasts of many incredible historic architectures and is the heart of the Bollywood film industry. Bustling with people from all over the country and across the world, the city provides for amazing variety in food, art and other experiences.

What about Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai, also known as New Bombay, is a beautiful city and a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It was originally developed to relieve the city of Mumbai from its growing population and infrastructural demands. Today Navi Mumbai has shaped into a large metropolitan city with several industries set up in the region. The city is well-planned and has been ranked as the 3rd cleanest city in India. It is also known for its rich biodiversity and numerous nature treks which are frequented by people of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai alike.

Jio Institute’s campus is located at Ulwe in Navi Mumbai. The campus is situated near the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport and the upcoming Trans Harbour Sea Link which will significantly reduce the travel time between Navi Mumbai and South Mumbai.

What facilities are available at the Jio Institute campus?

Jio Institute’s campus is replete with world-class infrastructure for academics, research, as well as extra-curricular activities. To know more about the campus ecosystem and the facilities it offers, please click here.

What kind of extra-curricular activities, student clubs etc., can students enroll in at Jio Institute?

Jio Institute envisages hosting a vibrant student community. Students will be encouraged to participate in various national and international competitions, be part of dynamic student clubs and pursue their areas of interest.

What all sports facilities do you have?

Jio Institute students will have numerous sports avenues to explore, participate and stay fit. The following facilities have been designed and developed for JI community. Athletic track & field facility, Basketball and Lawn tennis Court, Cricket field & Net practice pitches, Yoga room, Dedicated Jogging & Cycling tracks as well as many indoor sports such as Table Tennis, Carrom, Pool, etc

What kind of safety measures have been undertaken at the campus?

Jio Institute accords utmost priority to the safety of all its community members. In addition to physical security across the campus, surveillance measures will be in place across all public places of the Institute. Also, Jio Institute’s strict anti-ragging policy will be in force across all its academic, research, cultural and sporting activities.

What safety measures are you following in light of COVID 19 situation?

We have the necessary infrastructure and medical support available for people on our campus. We abide by all the necessary regulations as laid down by the competent authority from time to time.

For more information, please visit our Response to COVID-19 page here.

Do you have any student clubs? How can I be part of them?

Special interest groups and clubs give students the opportunity to pursue their interests beyond classrooms and meet like-minded people. Jio Institute will encourage students who want to start new clubs based on their individual and group interests and passions. These clubs can encompass a wide range of topics, from professional interests to hobbies to social causes. In addition to clubs, student-driven committees will be developed to manage student affairs. These committees will focus on culture, entertainment, sports, etc.

Can I access campus facilities on weekends?

Yes. All facilities at Jio Institute will be available for its faculty, students and associates on weekends too.

Will there be a Cultural Fest?

Events such as social fests, tech fests, sports meet etc. will be conceptualized and managed by student community and will enjoy complete support from Jio Institute.

What all good places can I visit near Jio Institute? Any holiday destinations?

Jio Institute campus is in the vicinity of picturesque western ghats region. A number of weekend getaways like Alibaug, Kamshet, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran are all at driveable distance from our campus. Lonavala, a hill station that is one of the most popular weekend getaways for Mumbaikars is a little more than an hour's drive from the campus. 

In what all areas can the institute support us e.g. logistics and all?

You will get every support from the institute regarding logistics and student housing on arrival. We are sure that you will make friends from different geographies real quick and adapt to this beautiful city.

Would I be Insured?

Yes, all students will be covered under a student health insurance plan and a personal accident insurance cover, both of which are paid for by Jio Institute.

What about placements? Are you giving any assurance?

Jio Institute has a dedicated Career Development Centre (CDC) which liaisons with corporates, startups, and MNCs to explore live projects and job opportunities for our students. The CDC also utilizes the Reliance ecosystem for creation of multiple such opportunities. Apart from inviting companies for placements, the CDC also provides a comprehensive career preparation module that will help the student pursue careers of his/her choice. 

For more details, please visit Career Development Centre (CDC)

Can you give any package range (Average or Highest) for both the programmes?

With the kind of effort that is being put in to ensure world-class education and building strong corporate linkages, the student can expect a placement process that provides industry benchmarked opportunities, both in terms of role and compensation.

Which organisations do you have tie up with?

Jio Institute has a dedicated Career Development Centre (CDC) which liaisons with corporates, startups, and MNCs to explore live projects and job opportunities for our students. Programme graduates will be positioned to pursue careers in Indian and foreign multinational companies, Government organisations and PSUs, Start-ups, Academia and R&D centres and Social organisations & foundations as well as pursue careers in research & as entrepreneurs.

What all roles will be offered after completion of the programmes?

After completing the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science programme, students can get roles such as Data Scientist, AI Architect, AI Engineer, Data Architect, Data Engineer,  Analytics Manager, etc. 

After completing the Digital Media & Marketing Communications programme, students can get roles such as Marketing Manager, Digital Product Manager, Brand Manager, Research Analyst, Media Manager, Content Strategist, Communications Specialist, etc.

What kind of companies will come for recruitment?

We have already started engagements with companies from sectors like IT, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Media, BFSI, Fintech, Digital Services, Technology, and start-ups to provide opportunities to our students. A big advantage that students of Jio Institute have is the support and patronage of the Reliance group, which has many companies across multiple domains where students will get to explore a career.

What kind of salaries can we expect?

We expect the salaries to be similar to those Tier-1 campuses get. We will bring quality recruiters to campus, but you as a student will have to prepare and perform to convert these opportunities.

I have more experience? Will I get an advantage in getting better salary?

We’ve seen that CTC usually increases with increase in relevant experience. We expect the same trend with our students where they will receive salaries commensurate with their experience and talent levels.

Can we expect international jobs?

During the last two years, international job mobility across campuses have been impacted due to Covid. However, we will work with international recruiters to explore opportunities for our students. Students shall have opportunities to pursue further careers in research in academic & research institutions.

Will Reliance Group provide job guarantee?

Reliance Group will provide the same career opportunities to our students that they provide from top tier institutions. Students will have to prepare and perform to continue to grow in these opportunities.

What is the entrepreneurship support and seed funding a student gets?

For students seeking to start their own ventures, Jio Institute will provide a comprehensive training module that will help the student understand how to:

  • Assess market demand and product market fit
  • Build a minimum viable product
  • Create HR, Operations & Financial processes
  • Scale up for growth

If some of the students want to go the next stage and build their product, then our experts will review their idea and if found viable connect them with start-up founders for mentoring

For suitable start-up ideas, we will also provide access to ecosystem meetups, where the student can network with start-up mentors and investors for investment and guidance.

How will the students get access to Reliance ecosystem?

There will be lectures, seminars, industry visits and other opportunities  where students will be able to meet and interact with industry leaders from Reliance Group

Students will also have access to Reliance ecosystem in the form of live projects and career oriented initiatives.

Will I be able to work in India post completion of my programme?

Once you clear the mandatory programme requirements, you will get a Post Graduate Certificate in your respective discipline and Career Development Centre will closely work with you to identify suitable career opportunities based upon your interest.

Can I go back to my own country and work there based on this certification?

Yes, Our programmes have been designed keeping in mind the global curriculum and to help participants build successful career globally.

What is the fee structure? What all is included in that?

The total fee payable for each of the programmes is INR 6,00,000 including admission fee, tuition fee, accommodation and meals. Students may have to incur additional cost towards laptop, books, documentation, laundry, electricity etc and travelling expenses for the study abroad module. 

What is the hostel fee? What all facilities do you provide? / Are the hostel rooms on sharing basis? Can I have a single room?

Jio Institute shall be providing residential accommodation to students near the campus. Student housing will feature well-furnished flats with single-occupancy air-conditioned rooms.

Where is the campus? What facilities will I get nearby?

It is a 52 acre campus located in the residential area of Ulwe, Navi Mumbai which is closer to the coastline and quite a peaceful locality. Ulwe is strategically located & well-connected by road, rail & sea with Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. It is also in proximity to the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport and Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, several academic institutions and industries.

Do I have to stay in the campus accommodation or can choose my own? / My house is in Navi Mumbai so do I need to stay in Hostel?

These are rigorous academic programmes and to derive maximum advantage these are designed as fully residential programmes.

Can I keep my bike or car in the hostel?

Yes you can. We have also tied-up with MYBYK, a station-based bicycle-sharing and renting service.

Is that area safe for women? 

Safety of its students, faculty & staff is paramount for Jio Institute. Mumbai is one of the safest cities in India. Our campus and hostel facilities have adequate security and surveillance measures to ensure safety for all. Ulwe is predominantly a residential area and is considered quite safe. 

What all facilities does the Hostel have?

All students will be provided with comfortable, furnished, and Wi-Fi enabled single room within a 2 or 3 BHK apartment in the vicinity of the campus. Residential facilities will have an operations team, food arrangements, laundry, housekeeping, technical team, housing in charge and round the clock security.

Are there any hostel timing restrictions?

Hostels will enable collaborative learning and access to common facilities. Hostel may have certain timing consideration for ensuring security & safety of students.

What food do you serve there? Do you have a fixed menu? Do you serve Non vegetarian food? Is Jain food available? Can I get my staple food?

We will have a multi-cuisine weekly menu which will periodically change. The campus and the housing facility will broadly have vegetarian menu; however, eggs will be a part of the menu. Non-vegetarian food will be served once in a week. The menu will also have Jain food options. All meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be served on all days both on campus as well as in your student housing. The area is also well serviced by food delivery operators.

What Medical Assistance will be available?

On campus, there is a medical room & doctor for general consultations and common ailments. For specialized requirements and emergencies, students will be directed to the approved hospital.  

What facilities will be provided for a differently abled student?

Our campus is well-equipped to support a differently-abled individual. Moreover, our building is also wheelchair accessible.

Will I be able to cook my own food in hostel facility?

Since, we will be providing all meals, only microwave will be provided in the kitchen.

What if I already have a Laptop. Will the cost be deducted from the Fees? Or Do I need laptop for programme? Or Will Jio Institute provide laptop?

Students will have to arrange for their own laptops. The cost of the same is not included in the programme fee. 

What facilities are available at the Jio Institute campus?

Jio Institute’s campus is replete with world-class infrastructure for academics, research, as well as extra-curricular activities. To know more about the campus ecosystem and the facilities it offers, please click here.

 Tell me more about Jio Institute  

Jio Institute is a student-centric and research-oriented higher education institute. The Institute focuses on offering multi-disciplinary education, developing a robust research ecosystem and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

For more information about the Institute, click here

 Where is Jio Institute located? 

Jio Institute’s campus is located in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Ulwe is in close proximity to the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport, the Seawoods-Uran railway line as well as the proposed trans-harbor link. The Institute is a five-minute walk from Bamandongri railway station. Click here to know more.  

 What is the leadership structure of Jio Institute? 

Jio Institute is led by a Governing Council, a Global Advisory Council comprising stellar academicians from around the world as well as different Academic Advisors for different programmes.  

What kind of reservation policy does Jio Institute follow?  

Jio Institute follows a merit-based selection process. 


Are Scholarships available? How can I get Scholarship?

Generous scholarships will be available to the candidates based on their needs. While filling up your application, you can express your interest for availing scholarship by providing some basic details in the Scholarships and Financial Aid section. 

What percentage of scholarship can I get?

We are offering a large no. of scholarships ranging from 25-100% of the Tuition fee. The decision regarding grant of scholarship will be communicated along with the provisional admission offer letter.

I want to apply for loan. Do you have any tie-ups?

The fee for the programmes has been kept affordable so that the financial constraints do not act as a barrier. Jio Institute has additionally tied up with banks for education loans.

Can you connect me with the concerned person for loan? Can my father or guardian apply for loan on my behalf?

We will be happy to share the coordinates of the bank representative who will help with you with the education loan procedure.