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Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET)

Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET)
Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET)

General Instructions and Pre-requisites 

Jio Institute Entrance Test is online proctored (non-adaptive) test. JET can be taken from anywhere online by ensuring following general instructions: 

  1. Internet Connectivity - Ensure that you have a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps
  2. Do not Refresh - Don’t refresh the webpage during the assessment. This will lead to immediate submission of your responses.
  3. Auto Save - All your responses are saved automatically. In case of disconnection or shutdown, you will still be able to resume easily.


Topic Coverage for test

Jio Institute Entrance Test (JET)  will be conducted under the following topics and sections –

  1. Quantitative Aptitude (2 sections),
    • Arithmetic,
    • Algebra,
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Data Interpretation
  2. Verbal Ability (2 sections),
    • Reading Comprehension,
    • Sentence Completion,
    • Sentence Correction,
    • Sentence Equivalence
  3. Writing Skills (2 Essays).
    • Essay Writing

The three sections of the JET are individually timed. Test takers must answer questions of each section within the allotted time.


Structure and Marking Scheme 

# Particulars No. of Questions Time (Minutes) Marks
1 Quantitative Aptitude – Section 1 20 25 20
2 Quantitative Aptitude – Section 2 20 25 20
3 Verbal Ability – Section 1 20 25 20
4 Verbal Ability – Section 2 20 25 20
5 Writing Skills – Essay 1 1 15 10
6 Writing Skills – Essay 2 1 15 10
  Total 82 130 100



The JET score will be directly notified by email to Jio Institute immediately after giving the exam. The JET Score will be one of the components of holistic evaluation of the candidate along with past academic record, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, relevance of work experience, extra-curricular activities, awards and accolades, performance in personal interview.


Sample Test Paper and Practice Paper

You may refer to the Sample Test paper of Jio Institute Entrance Test by clicking here

A detailed mock test of 130 mins can be accessed by clicking here.