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Mr. Rishabh Sharma

Principal Technologist,

Introduction to Programming

Rishabh is a seasoned technologist with a decade of experience spearheading diverse technology projects. Throughout his professional journey, he has seamlessly transitioned through different roles, from a software engineer to a technology architect, mastering a myriad of technologies along the way.

Rishabh has made significant contributions to many projects spanning full-stack web development, data science and analytics, and blockchain. His expertise primarily lies in the Python and JS ecosystems, encompassing frameworks such as Django, FastAPI, Angular and React.

Renowned for his unwavering energy and enthusiasm, Rishabh has ventured into the startup domain in the gaming and edtech sectors, with "fourofour" being his latest edtech initiative.

Rishabh is also the force behind the edtech channel "fourofour" [], which boasts a repository of nearly 100 technology-centric videos — a number that's continually growing. He harbors the ambitious vision of positively impacting a billion lives through his educational content.

Driven by the philosophy that knowledge grows when shared, Rishabh frequently engages in knowledge exchange sessions, enriching both the industry and academic spheres.