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Frequently Asked Questions - Creating an Effective School

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the upcoming course - Creating an Effective School. On our part, we have tried to answer them as clearly as possible to help you resolve your queries and doubts. In case these FAQs are not able to resolve your doubt, please feel free to contact at  .

How do I apply to the PTC course “Creating an Effective School”?

You can apply to the PTC course “Creating an Effective School” online. Applying for this program is very simple.
i)    Just follow the link - Creating an Effective School

ii)    Fill up the registration form.

iii)    Upload the documents required (Highest education degree, institutional ID and any other Identity proof such as Aadhar card, Passport or Driving License)

What are the documents that I need to submit with the application?

You must fill in the application form completely and upload the documents on our website.…
Documents to be uploaded are:
i.    Highest education degree 
ii.    Identity proof (Aadhar card, Passport or driving license)
iii.    institutional ID

Is there any offline registration available for this program?

Yes, offline registration is available. A hard copy of the form can be obtained from the Executive Education Office of Jio Institution.
Jio Institute,
NMSEZ Building 1, Sector 5,
Ulwe, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 410206

Google maps link :

You can also reach out to our course co-ordinator Ms. Julie Mooken on +91 9137373139 for any assistance.

What is the last date to register for this program?

The last date to register for this program is 10th May 2023. However, it is recommended that you register sooner as there are limited seats that are filling fast.

How do we get more information about the course?

All the course information is available on the link : Creating an Effective School

You can also reach out to our course co-ordinator Ms. Julie Mooken on +91 9137373139 for any assistance.

What is the fee structure?

The fee structure for the program is as follows:

# Particulars Fee GST Amount Payable
(incl. GST)
1 Program Fee ₹ 1,25,000 ₹ 22,500 ₹ 1,47,500
2 Accommodation ₹ 25,000 ₹ 4,500 ₹ 29,500
  Total ₹ 1,50,000 ₹ 27,000 ₹ 1,77,000
Need-based Scholarships are available for candidates who may need financial support. If you are interested in availing scholarship, please indicate so and provide the required documents while registering for the program. 
Is there any facility to pay the fee in installments?

Yes, there is an option to pay the fee in two instalments. This first instalment (registration fee) of INR 23,600 has to be paid at the time of registration, and the balance amount of INR 1,53,400 will be required to be paid the latest by 10 May 2023.

Need-based Scholarships are available for candidates who may need financial support.

Do you offer any concession in the program fee?

The fee of this program is very reasonable. However, for those who may require financial assistance, need-based scholarships are available. 

Do you acknowledge receipt of application by mail?

Yes, you will receive an email from our Executive Education Office once you have registered for the program and paid the registration fee.

Is scholarship available for this program?

Yes, need based scholarships are available. To apply for the scholarship, please ensure that you fill the following in the registration form:

•    Please select ‘Yes’ in the drop-down box for the question ‘Do you wish to apply for Jio Institute scholarship for this program?’ 
•    Please upload a copy of the latest Income Tax Returns. 

What are the criteria for offering scholarships?

Jio Institute will review the applications for scholarships and award the same to candidates on the basis of an assessment of individual needs.

Why is the tax returns required to applying for scholarships?

The tax returns will help us determine the quantum of the scholarship required.

Is it that people who apply for scholarship might have a disadvantage in selection process as against who don’t apply for scholarship?

Scholarship is not a criterion for securing admission. However, the seats are limited and hence we recommend you to apply soon.

Are there any discounts available for registering multiple participants from the same organisation?

Team incentives may be considered for registering two or more participants from one organisation, kindly email the details to the .

Does the course fee cover the expenditure on food & catering services?

The course fee (Rs 1,77,000) is inclusive of accommodation and food & beverage cost for the duration of the course. No additional charges will be levied.
Travel to and fro to Jio Institute, Ulwe campus, will have to be borne by the participants. Food or any other items of personal use ordered from outside will be have to be paid for, directly.

Where is the campus of Jio Institute located?

Jio Institute,NMSEZ Building 1, Sector 5, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206

Google maps link :

I have a special dietary requirement. Can you cater to those?

Please let us know your specific dietary requirement and Jio Institute will try to meet reasonable requests subject to availability.

What is the dress code?

All participants are expected to be dressed in formals or smart casuals (strictly no shorts)

Will the accommodation be of single occupancy or sharing type?

All participants will be provided with a single occupancy air-conditioned room.

Will my spouse/child be permitted to stay with me during the program?

Only the candidates who have registered for this program will be permitted to stay at the Jio Institute campus. 

Will I be given a campus tour of the Jio Institute?

Yes, the Jio Institute team will be happy to give a tour of the campus to all the participants

How far is the Jio Institute from the Mumbai Airport?

Jio Institute is about 33 km from the Mumbai Airport. Prepaid cabs can be hired at the airport.

Can I also take up work-related assignments during the 7 days of the PTC program?

This being a full-time residential program of 7 days you may not be able to take up any work- related assignments during the duration of the program. However, in late evening you may get some time for your personal and professional commitments.

Will I get any opportunity for site-seeing in Mumbai?

Participants may make their own arrangements for site-seeing. The Jio Institute team can provide guidance in this regard. Since, there may be no time for site seeing during the 7 days of program,
it is suggested that you either come in a day earlier or extend your stay for a day after the program. Jio Institute can help facilitate your accommodation.

What is the check-in time and check-out time to your accommodation?

All participants are expected check-in at any time on 21st May 2023. The course will conclude on 28th May 2023 by 3:00 pm. The participants are expected to attend the complete program to be awarded the certification.

What other facilities do you have at your campus?

io Institute’s 52-acre digitally enabled campus in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, harmoniously combines nature and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We have smart classrooms, Modern Laboratories, Well-stocked Library, Multipurpose Halls, Digital library, Athletic Track, Gymnasium, Indoor sports, student Activity & Recreation Center and lots of collaborative spaces, meeting rooms etc. You will have access to all these facilities. A gallery of images can be viewed by click on this Google Drive Link

Whether your campus has facility for any medical emergency?

We have a medical room, first aid facilities, a qualified physician from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, round the clock ambulance services for emergencies and well-trained paramedic staff. There are few good hospitals as well in the vicinity. Jio Institute has tie ups with Apollo Hospital in Belapur, Navi Mumbai and Kokilaben Dhirabhai Ambani Hospital in Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai.

What is the minimum work experience needed to enroll for the course?

PTC requires all participants to be currently employed as educators or school leader. This includes positions such as Section head, Head of the Department, Lead Administrator, Principal or Vice Principal among other management positions.

Can a tuition teacher with 10 years’ experience in teaching apply for this course?

PTC requires all participants to be currently employed as educators or positioned in the senior or middle management in a school set-up. 

What is the age group to apply for this course?

The recommended age group of the participants is 35 -55 and currently working as head of department, section head, Vice Principal or Principal in a school can register for this course. However, age criteria is not binding and anyone in a leadership position can participate.

What is PTC?

•    The Principals' Training Canter (PTC), headquartered in Florida, USA, was founded as a non-profit organization in 1989. It is a well-respected organization in the field of education that provides high-quality professional development opportunities for educators and school leaders around the world. 

•    PTC offers a variety of training programs, workshops, and online courses that focus on leadership development, curriculum design, assessment, and other areas related to education. 

•    PTC programs are designed to be interactive, engaging, and relevant to the needs of educators and school leaders in K-12 schools. These programs are rooted in research, on teaching, learning and leading schools. They provide participants with the practical tools and strategies to become truly effective leaders. 

•    Over 8000 international educators have participated in PTC training programs. 

•    You may wish to visit for more information on PTC.

Which of their programs will the PTC offer in India?

The first program that PTC will be offering in India, in association with Jio Institute, is ‘Creating an Effective School’. This is one of the four ‘essential skills’ courses for earning the PTC’s ‘Certificate of School Leadership’. The remaining three courses can be chosen from a wide array of topic options like Leadership and Team Dynamics; Instructional Supervision and Evaluation; Curriculum Leadership; Assessment Leadership; and Technology Leadership, among others – these courses will be offered by PTC in India in due course.

What is the level of acceptance and importance of the programs offered by PTC?

The PTC’s leadership courses have been uniquely designed to cover various facets of educational leadership, thus preparing educators and aspiring administrators to take up senior roles or principalships in schools. The PTC has been offering certification courses since 1990 and the same are well-recognised by schools internationally. The content of the PTC courses offered in India will be tailored to meet the requirements of the Indian context. For the courses offered in India, the candidates will receive a joint certification from PTC and Jio Institute.

What are the main objectives of the ‘Creating an Effective School’ program?

This program aims to offer knowledge and skills for school leaders to articulate a vision and design an implementation plan focused on student learning and develop an enhanced set of leadership skills and experience useful models that are essential to the role of a school leader.

For whom is this training program meant?

This training program addresses the unique professional learning needs of practicing and aspiring principals, senior leaders, counsellors, and Board members & trustees in schools in India, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Will this program be suitable for the schools affiliated with the education Boards in India?

The PTC courses are open to educators and leaders from schools affiliated with a wide range of education boards – international (IB/Cambridge), CBSE, ICSE, and state boards.

What is the eligibility for enrolling in this program?

The applicants should be working in a school as an educator or administrator – they could be senior teachers, Section Heads, Heads of the Department, Administrators, Principals or Vice-Principals, among other positions.

What is the course content for this program?

•    Components of an effective school
•    Essential role of foundational statements and learning principles
•    School improvement processes
•    Culture and Climate
•    Organizing for learning
•    Human resources

Will you be providing course material?

Yes, the required course material will be provided.

Is the course recognized?

The PTC certification is a recognition of preparation to be a principal or other school leader in the K-12 school setting. The PTC has been offering certification courses since 1990 and they are well recognised internationally.

What is the scope and weightage of the certificate issued after completion of this course?

The PTC certificate is a recognition of preparedness of educator to take on senior roles or principalship in schools. It helps further honing the skills of existing leaders to enhance outcomes of their schools. It is a well-accepted certification across schools in different parts of the world.

Will this course also be available in the form of an online course? 

The program “Creating an Effective School” is currently being offered only at the Jio Institute campus as a residential program. 

What will be the language of instruction for this program? 

English will be the language of instruction for this program.

Do I need to bring along a laptop, or will I be provided one for the duration of the program?

All participants should carry their own laptops or tablets. This will come in handy while accessing the digital resources which will be given to you for the program. 

How many participants will be enrolled in this program?

The batch will have a maximum of about 50 participants.

Who will conduct this training program?

PTC has a team of experienced trainers and facilitators who are experts in their respective fields and have extensive experience in leading K-12 schools around the world. The ‘Creating an Effective School’ program will be conducted by Ms Sue Easton, Director of Programs at PTC. Her profile is available on our website - Ms Sue Easton 

How familiar are the foreign faculty members with the education system in India?

PTC trainers are trained to understand the cultural and contextual factors that impact education and school leadership in different regions. They understand the schooling system in this part of the world well and have customised the program to suit the needs of educators here.

Which methods of teaching will be used during this program?

Like all PTC courses, this program too will have flipped learning model using simulations, case studies and other practical training strategies.

How accessible are the trainer to the students?

The trainer will be accessible to the participants. The trainer will also be staying with the participants on campus. 

How many trainers will be teaching this course?

The program ‘Creating an Effective School’ will be taught by Ms. Sue Easton who is the Director of programs at PTC in Boston. Her profile is available on our website - Ms Sue Easton - and programme brochure.