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Dr. Arvind Satyanarayan

Dr. Arvind Satyanarayan

Assistant Professor, MIT, USA

Adjunct Faculty- Data Visualisation

Dr Arvind Satyanarayan is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at MIT, where he leads the Visualization Group at MIT CSAIL. His research uses interactive data visualization as a petri dish to study intelligence augmentation, or how do computational representations and software systems help amplify our cognition and creativity while respecting our agency.

His work has been recognized with an NSF CAREER award, best paper awards at academic venues (e.g., ACM CHI and IEEE VIS), and honorable mentions amongst practitioners (e.g., Kantar's Information is Beautiful Awards). Systems he has helped develop are widely used in industry, on Wikipedia, and in the Jupyter/Python data science communities.

He received his PhD from the Computer Science department at Stanford University, working with Jeffrey Heer and the UW Interactive Data Lab.

Research Interests:
  • Machine Learning,
  • Data Visualisation.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science, Stanford University, USA
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, Stanford University, USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Hons.), University of California, San Diego, USA
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