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Tech Trek: AI&DS Discovery


Dive into the future with our exciting Tech Trek: AI&DS Discovery Summer Programme.

Join us for a 10-day adventure packed with insights into Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Explore cutting-edge concepts that are shaping tomorrow's world, from AI algorithms to data analytics, in a blend of theory and hands-on practice. Each session promises to spark creativity and curiosity, propelling you toward exciting opportunities at the forefront of the tech industry.

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About the programme 

The 10-day programme will enable participants to delve into the essentials of Python programming, explore the foundational principles of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Through interactive workshops and hands-on activities, students will build a strong understanding of key concepts, laying the groundwork for future exploration and growth in the dynamic field of technology. 

Upon successful completion of the programme students will receive a certificate.

Dynamic Learning Quest

Admission process

Key outcomes of the course

•  Understanding the basics of Python, Machine Learning, Git/ GitHub  
•  Grasping AI & Data Science Tools  
•  Building a foundation in AI  
•  Gaining career insights in AI & Data Science  
•  Networking and learning from peers

Who should enrol?

The Tech Trek : AI & DS Discovery Summer Programme is designed for undergraduate & postgraduate students and young professionals from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines seeking to grasp the essentials of AI & Data Science. 

How to apply 

Step 1 : Visit

Step 2 : Fill the online application form

Step 3 : Upload required documents

Step 4 : Pay the programme fee (INR 50,000) & submit the application form

Application details 

Programme fee : INR 50,000/- per person (inclusive of 18% GST)       
The fee includes course material, food & accommodation.

Dates : June 26, 2024 to July 6, 2024

Venue : Jio Institute, Sector 4, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, 410206, Maharashtra, India 

Accommodation : Participants will be provided air-conditioned twin-occupancy residential facilities within the campus with access to amenities like the gymnasium, recreational centre, library, and athletic track.

Registration Deadline : Seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply now to reserve your spot, as seats are limited.

ENROL NOW, Limited Seats available.

For further enquiries, Contact : 18008891100 | E-mail : | Whatsapp : +91 9137083449 

Programme Synopsis

Foundational Courses

• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

• Basics of Machine Learning 

• Data Science Fundamentals 

• Learn Git & GitHub 

Hands-on Projects

• Implementing AI algorithms in Python 

• Building and training Machine Learning models 

• Data Visualization and analysis using popular tools 

Industry Insights

• Lectures from AI & Data Science experts 

• Panel discussions on AI trends and career paths 

• Visits to tech companies specializing in AI & Data Science


Frequently asked questions

1.    Why Jio Institute?

Jio Institute is research-focused multidisciplinary institution with world-class programmes, faculty from globally top-ranked universities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It seeks to provide holistic development to students and prepare them to be future leaders. Our programmes are carefully designed to achieve academic excellence, business relevance and social significance. By leveraging our connections with industry, the Institute will enable students to grow personally and professionally, and simultaneously make an impact on society.

2.    What is affiliation of Jio Institute? 

Jio Institute is a private higher education institution committed to offer word-class education delivered by renowned faculty from around the world. Jio Institute aspires to feature in the top global rankings over next 15 years. Over a period, Jio Institute shall provide programmes in Computing & Engineering, Architecture & Urban Planning, Media, Communication & Journalism, Arts, Humanities & Science, Management & Entrepreneurship, Law Governance & Policy, and Medicine at UG, PG, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level.

3.    Why should a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background student do summer programme in AI & DS?

Participating in a summer programme focused on AI and Data Science equips STEM students with highly sought-after skills in programming, machine learning, and data analysis. It offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and statistics, fostering a deeper understanding of their applications. Moreover, these programs provide invaluable networking opportunities and hands-on research experiences, preparing students for future career prospects in a data-driven world.

4.    When is the programme scheduled and what is the duration?

The programme runs for 11 days, starting June 26th, students can report on campus between June 25th evening to June 26th Morning (before 10 AM), and can depart on July 6th (4 PM onwards), 2024.

5.    What topics will be covered during the program?

Participants will delve into Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Git/GitHub and practical labs. 

6.    Who is the target audience for this programme? 

The programme is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as young professionals from STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

7.    What are the key outcomes of the course? 

Participants will understand the basics of Python, Machine Learning, and Git/GitHub, grasp AI & Data Science tools, build a foundation in AI, gain career insights in AI & Data Science, and have networking opportunities.

8.    What is the programme fee, and what does it include?

The programme fee is INR 50,000 per person, inclusive of 18% GST. It covers course material, food, and accommodation.

9.    What is the application process like?

Interested individuals need to visit discovery, fill out the online application form, upload required documents, pay a registration fee of INR 500, and upon selection, pay the program fee.

10.    Where will the programme take place?

The programme will be held at Jio Institute, Sector 4, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, 410206, Maharashtra, India.

11.    What are the accommodation arrangements?

Participants will be provided with air-conditioned twin-occupancy residential facilities within the campus, along with access to amenities like the gymnasium, recreational center, library, athletic track, and others.

12.    Is there a deadline for registration?

No, the registration is first come basis.

13.    Are there any limited seats available?

Yes, seats are limited to 60, so it's advisable to enroll as soon as possible.

16.    How can I contact for further inquiries?

For further inquiries, you can contact 18008891100 or email

17.    Will there be any prerequisites or pre-work before the program begins?

No prior preparation is required. The programme is designed to accommodate participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

18.    Will there be any industry experts or guest speakers during the programme?

Yes, we aim to bring in industry professionals to share their insights and experiences with participants.

19.    What is the faculty profile of the programme? 

In order to visit the faculty profile, please visit the link 

20.    Is the programme suitable for someone who has some work experience?

Yes, the programme is designed to accommodate them but they need to be available on campus for the complete two weeks duration of the programme.

21.    Can I receive a certificate of completion for participating in the program?

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a certificate. 

22.    Are there any opportunities for hands-on projects or real-world applications during the programme?

Yes, the programme includes interactive workshops and hands-on activities to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

23.    Will there be any assessments or exams during the programme?

The focus of the programme is on learning and practical application, rather than formal assessments or exams.

24.    What kind of networking opportunities are available during the programme? 

Participants will have the chance to network with peers, faculty, and industry professionals, fostering connections that may be beneficial for future endeavors. 

25.    Can I expect any career guidance or support during the programme?

There is a dedicated session by expert on Career Counselling in the relevant and related domains, participants will also receive some career insights and guidance from faculty and guest speakers.

26.    Will there be any recreational activities or outings during the programme?

The programme is scheduled to cover industry visits and planned recreational activities with lots of fun and learning.

27.    Is there any flexibility in the programme schedule?

The programme schedule is fixed.

28.    What sets this programme apart from similar programs offered by other institutions?

Our programme offers a comprehensive curriculum, teaching by foreign faculty from esteemed institutions, personalized attention, industry insights, and networking opportunities that set it apart from others.

29.    Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in the programme?

Participants must be at least in first year of an undergraduate in any STEM field to at least enroll in the program.

3.    What qualifications or background knowledge do I need to have to enroll in the programme?

The programme is open to individuals with varying levels of experience, but a basic understanding of programming concepts would be beneficial.