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SHAPERS Summer Programme: Fostering Learning & Collaboration

Students doing an activity in Shapers
Students doing an activity in Shapers

The inaugural SHAPERS Summer School has concluded, leaving school students of Class IX-XII with newfound knowledge, skills and an avenue to explore career opportunities. Over three action-packed days, 54 participants from diverse backgrounds delved into the fascinating worlds of marketing, esports, AI, and more, igniting their passion to discover new arenas. 

Day 1: Building the Fundamentals 

The programme started with a warm welcome at Jio Institute and the students and parents embarking on a guided tour, marvelling at the institute's cutting-edge facilities. The ice-breaking session, led by Mr John K John, VP of L&D, at Reliance Industries Limited, set the tone for collaboration and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants. 

The afternoon saw Dr Sharad Borle, Associate Professor of Management, Rice University, USA, introduce the fundamentals of marketing. Students then formed teams, tackling the exciting challenge of developing a new product. The teams brainstormed ideas and held lively discussions as they generated their product ideas.  

Next in line, was Mr Nimish Raut, Head of global esports partnerships and business development, at NODWIN Gaming, bringing his insights into the booming esports and videogame industry. Students learned about the current scope and future potential of the industry. 

In the evening, students took their skills to the field through Cricket and Kho-Kho, displaying their competitiveness and sportsmanship.  

Day 2: Pitching Products and Programming Chatbots 

Day 2 began with Dr Borle guiding students in refining their product ideas. Teams presented the business pitch and marketing strategies that they had designed, receiving valuable feedback from peers and instructors. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity and strategic thinking as students honed their elevator pitches.

Next, Nimish Raut led a unique session – "Gaming with a Purpose." Students put their gaming skills to the test by tackling a practical case study from the esports and video game industry. This engaging activity allowed them to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking. 

The afternoon delved into the fascinating world of chatbots. Mr Rishabh Sharma, Principal Technologist, FouroFour and Dr Kalyan Tadepalli from Jio AICOE, unveiled the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their ability to generate stunning text and images. Students eagerly explored the architecture of these AI-powered tools. They also learned the art of "prompt engineering," crafting compelling interactions with their chatbots. 

The day ended with a thrilling campus-wide treasure hunt, fostering a sense of adventure and bonding among the students.

Day 3: Charting the Course and Exploring the Future 

The final day commenced with a thought-provoking session by Dr Raveendra Chittoor, Dean of the Jio Institute. He introduced the Blue Ocean Strategy, empowering students to unlock new demand and outmaneuver the competition.  

Next, Dr Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist at Jio, gave an insightful presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The session offered a glimpse into the future of AI and its potential to shape various industries. 

After the sessions, the students and parents both participated in personalized career guidance sessions. Career Counsellors and experts provided valuable advice, helping students identify their strengths and explore potential career paths aligned with their interests. 

The programme concluded with a closing ceremony, where students received certificates of completion to acknowledge their participation in the SHAPERS Summer programme.

Following the closing ceremony, students embarked on a guided tour of the spectacular Jio World Centre (JWC). They witnessed the state-of-the-art architecture and explored the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC), soaking in the cultural and art landscape. 

Jio Institute’s SHAPERS Summer programme served as a stepping stone for the students to understand real-world concepts, gain ideas and explore career opportunities.