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Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of Marketing

Panelists of the Marketing conclave
Panelists of the Marketing conclave

Media and marketing are some of the most dynamic elements of the industry where the fight is not only to survive but also to thrive. As the marketing landscape evolves, so do the roles within marketing teams, leading to shifts in goalposts ever so often.

The DMMC (Digital Marketing and Management) Conclave held at Jio Institute offered a comprehensive overview of the evolving marketing landscape, highlighting the shifts that have occurred in the past and providing insights into anticipated changes for the future. Panellists included established stars of the industry such as Rohit Maharao, General Manager, e-commerce and Omni Channel Mc McDonald and Aditi Mahale, Global launch lead-IDG, Consumer marketing at Lenovo Pvt Ltd. 

The conclave served as a platform for robust discussions on how marketing has transformed over the years and what lies ahead. It initiated discussions about the transformation of the marketing landscape, emphasizing the increasing role of AI in marketing, and raising questions about the possibility of certain marketing roles becoming automated while highlighting the enduring need for human intervention.

The rapid expansion of digital marketing was another focal point, underscoring how this evolution has both expanded the avenues for reaching consumers and made it more challenging to capture their attention. Discussion also revolved around the growing importance of inclusivity and sustainability in marketing practices, reflecting the changing consumer values and expectations.

Panellists delved into the complexities of marketing in the digital age, highlighting the exponential growth in channels to reach consumers. Simultaneously, it was noted that capturing and maintaining consumer attention has become increasingly challenging. The conclave reinforced that, while the channels may evolve, the fundamental principles of marketing remain constant.

The DMMC conclave provided an insightful exploration of the dynamic changes and trends in the marketing landscape. It served as a valuable platform for professionals and students to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of marketing.