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Launching the FDP With a Successful Inaugural Session


Jio Institute in collaboration with AICTE and ATAL has launched the coveted Faculty Development Program, themed around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Perspective, Pedagogy and Practices. The FDP kicked off on August 21st in the presence of the Jio Institute’s senior leadership team led by Dr. Palak Sheth and Dr. G Ravichandran and Jalaj Dani, member of Jio Institute's Governing Council. 

The FDP is catering to 36 participants  from all walks of  academics from different parts of the country and will be attending the session for five days, ending on August 25th at Jio Institute campus. 

The session began with an inaugural speech and presentation led by the Chairman of AICTE, Prof T.G. Sitharam who spoke on the importance of infusing the understanding of current AI trends with the teaching practices in order to upskill the academicians and ensure that teaching as a practice is able to imbibe the power of machine learning and data analysis for best results in a future that will largely be dictated by powerful AI tools. 

Post the inaugural speech and a group picture with the participants and facilitators who will be taking the classes. The first session of the day was taken by Dr. Nilay Yajnik, in house faculty at Jio Institute. This was proceeded by a session taken by Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Program Mentor AI&DS at Jio Institute, who spoke on the topic of Evolution in AI Thinking. 

The participants soon broke off for lunch and the second half of the day was led by a discussion on student led projects which was conducted by Dr. Ronak Shodhan  and Anindya Bhattacharjee, AI COE at Jio Platforms and Amit Verma AI COE, Jio Platforms. 

With the inaugural session and introductory classes underway, the participants enjoyed an intellectually charged day on the state-of-the-art Jio Institute campus, where they will be looked after by a dedicated in-house staff of facilitators and course mentors.