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Jio Institute's Global Odyssey at NTU Singapore

A Group Picture of Students Visiting Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
A Group Picture of Students Visiting Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

In an effort to broaden the academic horizons of its postgraduate students, Jio Institute planned a transformative Study Abroad module at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. This immersive two-week module included students from three distinct Postgraduate Programmes: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Digital Media and Marketing Communications, and Sports Management.


The curriculum module included short courses and daily lectures led by esteemed NTU faculty. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science students explored Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technologies, while Digital Media and Marketing Communications and Sports Management students learnt about Future Customer Experiences and Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing. This academic immersion provided a profound understanding of the subjects and offered students the opportunity to engage with world-class faculty.


Students had the privilege of stepping into the operational hubs of leading tech companies in Singapore, gaining first hand exposure to the practical applications of their respective fields. 

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science students examined AI integration at Teradata and Palo IT Tech companies. During their visit they gained insights on developing and deploying AI-driven applications across diverse sectors, how cybersecurity keeps AI safe, and also, how AI helps in making cybersecurity stronger. 

The Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications students visited NCS Group Tech Company and Decathlon Data Lab. They observed the real-world innovative applications and strategies such as inventory-checking robot and self-checkout, used to enhance in-store as well as online customer experience. Students also gained insights on various tools like journey mapping, experience strategy, and user experience, all focusing on the human-centred experience design for an overall consumer experience.

The Sports Management group visited NCS Group Tech Company and Singapore Sports Hub. At the NCS group, students got to experience how to incorporate design thinking to create exceptional user experiences and at the Singapore Sports Hub, they learnt about the historical and social perspective of sports in Singapore. These experiences bridged the gap between theory and practice, preparing students for the upcoming challenges of their future careers.


The study abroad module integrated a multifaceted cultural immersion component. In addition to academic and industry experiences, students engaged in sightseeing expeditions to the iconic Singaporean landmark Gardens by the Bay, a futuristic horticultural wonderland.

Students were also treated to an insightful campus tour of NTU, gaining first-hand exposure to the vibrant academic and cultural tapestry that defines the university's dynamic environment. Additionally, a visit to Singapore Management University (SMU) for a campus tour provided an opportunity to connect with local academia and broaden their understanding of the higher education landscape in Singapore.

The module's pinnacle was the collaboration with NTU, fostering a global community of scholars and practitioners. Students expanded their theoretical and practical knowledge and also made connections with peers and professionals from around the world.

This study abroad module by Jio Institute, stands as a testament to the institution's dedication to providing students with an unparalleled global education. By intertwining academic rigor with industry exposure and cultural immersion, Jio Institute has set a new standard for holistic learning experiences, preparing its postgraduate students for leadership roles in their respective fields on the global stage.