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Preet Tyagi

Preet Tyagi

National Head - BD & Vice President, Kinnect

Inquisitive & obsessed with attaining knowledge; I like diving into a whirlwind & coming out standing on my feet. A big part of my role as an agency leader looks at oiling various gears. This eclectic mix of utility & versatility has seen me spearhead multiple initiatives through various phases.

At Kinnect, I have been entrenched in the growth function and have incubated the media planning & buying, SEO, video production and ORM & listening verticals; each time starting from scratch and picking up the necessary skills to succeed. 

My goals are intertwined with those of the brand & agency – keep doing great work with great brands and growth will follow. This push towards growing the agency into a truly integrated one, is what lead Campaign Asia to declare my team the Gold winners for New Business Development in South Asia.

I vie to bring myself to a position where I can utilize my skills to create real impact – go beyond capital brands and use my knowledge of marketing & communications for the betterment of the governmental, policy and social sectors. I wish to leave a lasting legacy, for myself and for the field we are pioneering.