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Bambi Betts

Bambi Betts

Executive Director, Principals' Training Center

Bambi Betts is the director of the Principals’ Training Center for International School Leadership (PTC) and founder of additional training centers for international teachers, teacher leaders, counselors and governance members. Bambi has been actively involved with the PTC since its inception as a course developer, trainer, and co-trainer for the Essential Skills courses. 

She has served as director, principal and teacher in international schools for over 35 years and been a consultant in over 150 international schools, conducting professional development sessions on a wide range of topics related to the effective international school. 

Bambi also serves on the governing board of 2 international schools in Haiti and Cambodia, is a founding member of the Academy for International School Heads (AISH) and serves as the president of the Overseas Schools Assistance Corp. (OSAC) non-profit which offers online news and recruitment services to international schools through The International Educator (TIE).