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Dr. A.R.D. Prasad

Dr. A.R.D. Prasad

Visiting Faculty, DRTC (ISI), Bangalore

Dr. A.R.D. Prasad is an Indian Library and Information Science Academic, Information professional and Information scientist.

Dr. Prasad formerly professor at Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC), Bangalore as Professor of Library and Information Science and he is retired Head of DRTC, which is India's only proper school with a very strong research program.

His areas of specialisation include Artificial intelligence-Applications in LIS, Natural language processing, Digital Libraries, Hypertext and Multimedia applications, Institutional repository, Open-source software used in Libraries, Open Access to Information, Semantic Web Technology, Free and open source software etc. His other area of interests are Mythology, Buddhism, Philosophy and Indian History.

He is pioneer in the promotion and development of Open-source software used in Libraries and Information Centres in India, Open access (publishing) and Open Access movement. He is visiting Faculty of University of Trento, Italy.