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A Unique Learning Experience with a Global Outlook


In a globalized world, where learning transcends borders, Jio Institute continues to empower its students with the invaluable experience of studying abroad. As part of their academic journey, Jio Institute students are currently undertaking an enriching two-week study abroad module at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
Exploring NTU's extensive and picturesque campus is a highlight of the program. 

The campus tour provides students with a glimpse of NTU's state-of-the-art facilities, modern classrooms, and lush green spaces, allowing them to soak in the atmosphere of one of Asia's most prestigious educational institutions. As part of this journey, students captured the essence of this incredible experience with a memorable group picture that will serve as a lasting memory of their time at NTU. 

The program kicked off with students attending classes at NTU, immersing themselves in the distinctive academic culture of the university. These classes allowed students to engage in academic discussions with peers from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, and expand their intellectual horizons. Joint sessions to discuss projects served as a unique opportunity for collaborative learning, fostering the exchange of ideas and insights between Jio Institute students and their counterparts at NTU.

To gain a real-world perspective of the business world in Singapore, the students have a scheduled company visit. This visit provides them with a valuable opportunity to witness corporate operations, interact with industry professionals, and gain insights into the practical aspects of the business world.
Jio Institute's commitment to nurturing global citizens is reflected in its ongoing efforts to provide students with experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. This study abroad module at NTU is yet another testament to their dedication to shaping well-rounded, globally aware individuals.

The study abroad module at NTU is a holistic experience that exposes students to diverse perspectives, cultures, and ways of learning. It encourages them to think globally and embrace a world of opportunities.