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A Triumph of Unity, Hospitality, and Olympic Spirit

A group Image of Students at IOC Session in Mumbai
A group Image of Students at IOC Session in Mumbai

The 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session, a historic event, took place in Mumbai, India, after four decades of anticipation. Hosted by the city, this momentous occasion attracted global attention, reflecting India's growing prominence in the global sports arena. 

Delegates and dignitaries from around the world gathered to discuss on crucial matters impacting the Olympic movement. The IOC Session addressed various critical topics, including policy decisions, future Olympic bids, and initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity and sustainability in sports. The gathering served as a platform for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and shaping the trajectory of the Olympic movement globally.

Nita Ambani, a member of the IOC, delivered the opening speech at the IOC Session in Mumbai. The IOC Session's in Mumbai marked a symbolic moment for India, highlighting its commitment to sports and the Olympic ideals. The event showcased the nation's ability to host major international gatherings and its dedication to contributing actively to the Olympic community. As the IOC continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of global sports, the 141st Session in Mumbai served as a testament to the unity and shared vision of nations in advancing the Olympic movement.

Jio Institute's students had the unique privilege of volunteering at this prestigious IOC Session from October 15 to 17, actively Working in media and operations roles. The Operations Team managed diverse tasks, including guest transportation, logistics, security, and accreditation, ensuring a seamless experience for delegates. The team's dedication extended to assisting elderly and disabled delegates, handling logistics, and contributing to the success of the grand opening ceremony.

The Media Team operated in three zones. They covered IOC main session, facilitated media-IOC member interactions, and managed the media centre. The team's volunteer experience was enjoyable, providing valuable insights into event organization. Key activities included managing permits, supporting journalists, and contributing to the success of the opening ceremony.

The Guest Services Team had the unique privilege of engaging with influential figures, including IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach and World Athletics President, Sir Sebastian Coe. Their responsibilities included prioritizing guest services, organizing city tours, and ensuring a comfortable experience for attendees. Meeting additional dignitaries like FIFA President, Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino and Indian Olympic Association President P.T. Usha broadened their exposure to sports governance perspectives.

Overall, the volunteers found the experience enriching and fulfilling. They learned about event hospitality, sports governance, and contributed to showcasing Mumbai's cultural wealth. The collaboration between the Operations, Media, and Guest Services teams exemplified the Olympian spirit, setting a precedent for future international events.
The IOC Session in Mumbai 2023 was a success, marked by changes in Olympic principles, increased female representation, and acknowledgment of volunteers, contributing to the global impact of such events.