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Transforming Skill Development in Education

Neharika Vohra addressing attendees
Neharika Vohra addressing attendees

Training to be skillful is akin to training to be resourceful, the thought of opening new avenues of vocational training to bring practical usefulness to formal education was brought to life in a lively interaction between Prof. Dr. Neharika Vohra and the staff and students at Jio Institute. 

Dr. Neharika spoke about the need to invest in skill sets and help people figure out which skill set will help them gain professional momentum in the field of their choosing. She also highlighted the need to dedicate time and energy to finding out what skill sets are most current and in demand in different industries. 

Drawing from her rich experience, Dr. Neharika shared her journey of establishing dedicated educational departments focused on vocational training, designed to nurture the professional growth of deserving students. Central to her argument was the need for continuous research and innovation in curriculum design. She firmly asserted, "Skill sets cannot afford redundancy; thus, our courses must remain aligned with the ever-evolving industry trends to democratize the impact of purposeful education.”

She reiterated that courses should be designed to withstand the dynamic nature of the various industries, where the scope and definition of relevant skill sets are constantly changing and churning out new demands from students and working professionals alike. 

The session drew some interesting questions from both the staff and the students, who were keen to know the lessons that Dr. Neharika drew from her vast experience in the field and how they can adapt to the changing nature of the job market while enhancing their skill- sets in order to stay relevant and in demand. 

Prof. Dr. Niharika is a Professor in the Organisational Behaviour Area  At IIM Ahmedabad. Her academic and research interests include leadership and gender issues in organisations, diversity and inclusion, and management across cultures.