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HR Imagines Itself: A Tech-Fueled Future for Talent and Learning


Imagine an HR department that isn't bogged down by paperwork, but uses automation to free up time for strategic thinking. This future of HR was the focus of a recent event “Thrive 2024, 3rd Edition: HR chapter”, conducted by the Indian Business Council and powered by Jio Institute. The event brought together industry leaders to explore how technology is transforming how we manage people.

The event started with a thought-provoking keynote address by Abhishek Gupta, Head- HR, ZebPay. HR leaders were challenged to embrace a tech-driven mindset and create a culture that welcomes innovation. This isn't just about buying fancy software; it's about fostering a willingness to change and adapt.

One of the hottest topics? Artificial intelligence (AI). Experts discussed how AI can revolutionise HR practices, from automating repetitive tasks to personalising the employee experience. But they also cautioned against hype, separating the real potential of AI from futuristic promises. Generative AI, a new development that can create realistic text formats, was also explored as a potential tool for the future of HR.

Learning and development (L&D) is another area ripe for transformation. Panelists discussed how gamification, immersive experiences, and other creative approaches can keep employees engaged and learning. The future where learning a new skill through a virtual reality simulation, or competing with colleagues in a points-based training program isn’t far away.

The panel discussion addressed a tough question: how do you measure the return on investment (ROI) for HR technology? Leaders shared practical strategies for setting expectations, tracking success, and ensuring your tech investments deliver real results.

Finding and hiring the best talent is crucial for any organisation. The next discussion focused on how technology can help companies build a more diverse and inclusive talent pool. From AI-powered screening tools that remove bias to online platforms that connect companies with a wider range of candidates, technology is breaking down barriers and creating a more level playing field.

The event wrapped up with a look at the future of marketing and AI. Going beyond the hype of chatbots, a marketing leader explored how AI can be used for strategic decision-making, monitoring campaigns, and analysing results.

This event offered a glimpse into the exciting future of HR. By embracing technology and fostering a culture of innovation, HR departments can become a strategic driver of business success.