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Deep Dive into AI & Data Science: Tech Trek


Supercharging the students’ summer with Tech Trek! The Jio Institute Summer Programme Tech Trek: AI & DS Discovery was an action-packed adventure into the future of technology, where students unlocked the secrets of AI and Data Science. Tech Trek offered an immersive journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. This programme wasn’t just about lectures, it was a dynamic learning quest designed to equip students with foundational knowledge and practical skills.

35+ students of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and working professional backgrounds of STEM disciplines from all over the country participated in the 10-day programme held at Jio Institute Ulwe Campus.

Knowledge Building

The programme began with a solid foundation. Students were introduced to the core concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science Fundamentals.

Dr Shailesh Kumar (Programme Mentor, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Jio Institute & Chief Data Scientist, Center of Excellence in AI/ML, Reliance Jio) gave insights into Ashthang AI and showcased a real-world case study with OLA. Dr Kalyan (Student Mentor, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Programme, Jio Institute & 
AI Consultant, Healthcare Projects) and Mr Bharath (Academic Manager, Jio Institute) delved into Regression Analysis with hands-on labs. 

Students also learned about Classification and Clustering from Mr Amit Verma (AI COE, Jio Platforms) and Mr Anindya Bhattacharjee (AI COE, Jio Platforms). The students also took on a session from Dr Larry Birnbaum, (Programme Mentor, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Jio Institute & Professor, Computer Science, Northwestern University, USA) on Natural Language Processing and its applications in business and various other fields. Meanwhile, Mr. Anmol delved into the art of crafting effective prompts to harness the power of generative AI models.

All these sessions helped the students to put their newfound knowledge to the test with hands-on projects. 

Industry Insights: Learning from the Experts

The programme wasn't limited to the classroom. Students gained valuable industry exposure through lectures delivered by AI & Data Science experts. These lectures provided insights into the latest trends and advancements in the field. Visits to tech companies like Jio Creative Labs, Asian Paints, Fynd and Jio 5G experience, brought the concepts to life, showcasing real-world applications of AI and Data Science across various industries.

Key Learnings and Outcomes

By participating in the programme, students gained a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental building blocks of AI and Data Science. They learned to use Python for AI applications, build and train Machine Learning models, and effectively visualise and analyse data. Perhaps most importantly, they gained valuable insights into career opportunities in the ever-evolving field of AI and Data Science. The programme fostered a spirit of collaboration and networking, allowing students to learn from industry leaders, educators, and their peers.

This summer programme at Jio Institute served as a springboard for students to launch themselves into the exciting world of AI and Data Science.

Jio Institute offers summer programmes to students across various levels from school to working professionals aiming to provide a platform that helps in the all-round and holistic development of students. This year Jio Institute conducted two other summer programmes such as Shapers a 3-day programme exclusively designed for high school students from 9th to 12th grade on AI, Marketing, Sports & Entrepreneurship and Cricket Summer Camp for youth between the ages of 12 and 16 from the community of Navi Mumbai, Panvel, and Uran.