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Jio Institute's Run for Fun Marathon

Group Photo of Jio Institute Marathon participants
Group Photo of Jio Institute Marathon participants

In a bid to foster community spirit, Jio Institute successfully organized the "Run for Fun" marathon on Sunday, January 22, 2024. The event brought together residents of Ulwe and nearby towns for a morning of fitness, camaraderie, and friendly competition.

Sunday morning saw a gathering of over 200 keen participants and another similar number of cheerleaders. The Jio institute campus was buzzing with excitement, and while the sun was yet to surface, the participants were there, bright and sunny, warming up across the field.

The 3km run started at 6am. There were two categories of runners - Category one included the young brigade from 12 – 30 years of age. Category 2 were 31 years and above. While they were all running for fun, there was a palpable air of competitiveness and we had some very clear winners.

Category 1 (12-30 years)

  1. Gold Medal:  Kalpesh Devre (Represented Maharashtra in National-level 3000m Steeple Chase, 2023. Currently training under Coach Kadir at Jio Institute campus for 2024 National Games)
  2. Silver Medal: Amit Bhargav Patil (Working as a security professional in Uran, Second runners-up in State-Level 800m at Raigad, 2022) 
  3. Bronze Medal: Manish Naik (Resident of Bamandongri, Second runners-up in Mumbai University 1500m)

Category 2:

  1. Gold Medal : Lok Bahadur Jimi  (Working in Jio Institute as a Security Supervisor,  from the 11th Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army)
  2. Silver Medal: Mahesh Gaikwad (Software Engineer, resident of Ulwe, participated in the 2019 Thane Half-Marathon).
  3. Bronze Medal: Abdesh Kumar (Works in Security Services)

Jio institute congratulates all the winners and all the participants. After the marathon, the participants enjoyed some post event activities, bonded over breakfast and went home with a reinforced sense of community and well -being.
Jio Institute's "Run for Fun" marathon is a testament to the institute's dedication to not only academic excellence but also community well-being.  Events like these clearly show hoe shared experiences and common goals bring communities together, fostering positive impact. Jio institute is looking forward to many more such events in the coming months.