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Vice Chancellor's Lessons on Effective Decision-Making

Dr. Dipak Jain addressing students
Dr. Dipak Jain addressing students

The session focused on the significance of upskilling through continuous learning and its profound influence on real-time decision-making skills. He conveyed how staying updated with the latest advancements and acquiring new knowledge can significantly impact an individual's decision-making prowess. He emphasized that by expanding their skill sets and embracing continuous learning, students can develop the confidence and expertise required to thrive in their respective fields. 

One key aspect of Dr Jain's lecture was the emphasis on the value of asking questions. He highlighted the importance of gaining sufficient knowledge to understand how to approach different problems and find solutions. Encouraging an inquisitive mindset, Dean Jain reiterated that asking questions is a powerful tool for intellectual growth, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of their subjects and make informed decisions. 

Drawing from his experience teaching marketing at the renowned Kellogg University, Dean Jain shared valuable insights with the students, as they were all set to begin their classes for the new academic year. With practical examples from his life, he showcased the impact of upskilling on personal and professional growth. The anecdotes provided a glimpse into the benefits of continuous learning and the role it played in shaping his own successful career. 

Dr Jain also stressed the significance of thorough preparation before attending classes. He encouraged students to engage with pre-reads and assigned materials to maximize their learning experience. He stressed that by coming prepared, students can actively participate in discussions and ask relevant questions, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and knowledge exchange.