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Head of Jio Creative Labs Interacts with JI Students

Mr. Aditya Bhat
Mr. Aditya Bhat

On a recent visit to Jio Institute, Mr. Aditya Bhat, the Head of Jio Creative Labs and Founder of Creative Thinker at Business of Ideas, left a lasting impression on the students with his insights into the world of advertising and branding. During his tour of the state-of-the-art campus, Mr. Bhat took the time to interact with the students, emphasizing the significance of honing the skill of great storytelling. He highlighted the effective use of celebrity endorsements in elevating the image and prestige of the brands they work with.

At the heart of his interaction with the students was the idea of establishing an emotional connection with the audience through powerful messages and impactful marketing. To illustrate this point, various clips of wildly successful advertisement campaigns, including those of Gillette and British Airways, were showcased, driving home the anatomy of a victorious advertising campaign.

Besides sharing his expertise in advertising, Mr. Bhat encouraged the students to keep an open mind about their career options and to continuously explore new ideas. By doing so, they can not only enhance their professional growth but also further develop their own talents and skills.

The students at Jio Institute left the session inspired, armed with valuable knowledge and practical insights from an industry veteran. Mr. Aditya Bhat's visit provided them with the necessary tools to make a significant impact in the world of advertising and marketing.