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Embracing the AI Challenge with New Age Skill Sets

AI Conclave
AI Conclave

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its relentless march into every facet of human life, whether we embrace it or not; it is destined to become an integral part of our future.

Jio Institute organized a special conclave “Embracing AI Disruption – Skill Sets Required in the Changing Workplace” for its students and alumni to discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence, address challenges, and explore ethical, policy, and practical implications.

Industry experts from various fields shared their experiences and thoughts about the scope of AI disruptions. They said that AI is not inherently a threat to jobs but will necessitate adaptation to new skills. The speakers also highlighted the importance of upgrading existing laws such as the Digital India Act which has remained unchanged for the past two decades, despite multitudes of changes in the digital landscape within India and the world.

Most speakers felt that AI should be seen as an opportunity, instead of as a challenge. They argued that AI technologies should be considered as a chance to adapt, evolve, and learn, while there were divergent views as well where the speakers felt that some jobs will become redundant and new opportunities will arise.

The conclave was organised as a part of the collaborative learning experience that is presented to the students of Jio Institute, with the aim of exposing students to real-world situations is the essence of experiential learning.

The panel of speakers included Dr. Subi Chaturvedi, Global Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs and Public Policy Officer at InMobi; Mr. Samir Shah, Executive Director specializing in Data and analytics at PwC; and Mr. Arindam Ghosh, Chief Technical Officer and Head of Corporate Strategy and Digital at Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd. The panel was moderated by Dr. Raveendra Chittoor, Dean of the School of Professional Studies & Executive Education at Jio Institute.