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Education Can Help Build Stronger Diplomatic Bridges

Dr. Palak Sheth and Counsel General of Singapore
Dr. Palak Sheth and Counsel General of Singapore

The Look East policy of India has only added more weightage and prestige to India’s relations with her Southeast Asian neighbors. One such historic relation that has grown from strength to strength through the decades is the bilateral relation between India and Singapore. These thoughts were also echoed by His Excellency Consul General of Singapore (Mumbai) Cheong Ming Foong during his visit to Jio Institute. Mr. Cheong interacted with the students and shared his insights into the future of innovation and other collaborations with India. 

Jio Institute hosted Singapore’s top diplomat who was given an extensive tour of the campus, and the sports facility along with a presentation on the present and future goals of Jio Institute, leading the way in innovation in academics and research. 

H.E Mr.Cheong during his interaction with the students and faculty members of Jio Institute, highlighted the various similarities between the Indian and Singapore ecosystems and the potential that the future holds for technological innovation, and building new skill sets through education at various levels that will benefit both countries in the near future. 

He shared his knowledge about how the Singapore model helped the country build its resource pool since its Independence and how all the efforts are centered around building innovations and systems that will help people gain the most out of their education and vocational training. 

He also laid stress on the immense potential that the future of academic tie-ups between India and Singapore, and reiterated that in the long term both the countries can learn much from each other’s evolution. Mr. Cheong added that Singapore too has a lot to learn from Indian systems such as the UPI payment systems and how that can be incorporated into Singapore. Dr. Ravichandran, while moderating the interaction session also stressed how India could learn the art of making education more focused on creating diverse skill sets from Singapore. 

Mr. Cheong further added that countries like India and Singapore should always work towards building stronger, inclusive systems that will aid and benefit the entire region in order to build a progressive and stronger global South of the future.

H.E the Consul General was felicitated by our Project Director, Dr. Palak Sheth, who not only thanked Mr. Cheong for visiting Jio Institute but also laid stress on Jio Institute’s commitment to building a sustainable and long-term relationship with Singapore and providing every assistance and motivation possible to keep this bilateral relationship thriving and mutually beneficial to the student and research fraternity in both the countries. H.E. Cheong was accompanied by Mr. Zacchaeus Lim, the Vice Consul General of Singapore posted in Mumbai.