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AI Governance and Innovation: Insights from Dr Tehilla

Guests and staff posing after event
Guests and staff posing after event

AI is the buzzword across industries and how it's making life simpler for a whole lot of functions. However, there is also a dark side to AI and that seems to be concerning governments and policymakers across the world.

On a recent visit to Jio Institute Dr Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, Senior fellow at Israel Democracy Institute, spoke about how governments are working towards drafting regulations for AI but the technology seems to be outpacing the regulations. Dr Altshuler's talk shed light on the growing gap between AI advancements and regulatory frameworks, emphasizing the urgent need for robust regulations to mitigate potential risks. She elucidated how certain AI applications are being exploited to manipulate individuals and situations, posing significant threats that demand stringent regulations.

She also delved deep into AI advancement referring to examples such as how AI can be used to see what history looked like, and what a location looked like 300 years ago. Further, she talked about the challenges in wisely adopting AI technology, with crimes like Deep fake AI, Phishing, and AI cyber-crimes becoming more prevalent. She concluded the session by opening the discussion with students and staff on the measures that can be taken to enable the advancement of AI while adhering to ethical and moral principles and curbing crimes at the global level. 

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler is a Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent research Centre dedicated to reinforcing Israeli democracy. Currently, she is working with the Israeli Cyber Directorate to craft a framework for inter-sectoral cyber regulation for Israel's private sector. She is a prominent figure in the digital rights realm in Israel's civil society and has played an instrumental role in initiating - a platform established to address the challenges of disinformation, foreign interference, and other malicious online activities. In the realm of AI, she has authored a study on algorithmic transparency and A.I. ethics (2022). She has also co-written a study on large language models in military intelligence (2023) and provided feedback on Israel's national A.I. regulatory plan draft (2023).

Dr Tehilla was accompanied by Kobbi Shoshani the Consul General of Israel to Mumbai. He is the official representative of the state of Israel in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. Mr Kobbi Shoshani also addressed the gathering of students and staff about his experience at Jio Institute and how India and Israel can partner on several things.

After the session, Mr Kobbi Shoshani and Dr Tehilla were felicitated by Dr Ravichandran, Provost, Jio Institute and Dr Palak Sheth, Project Director, Jio Institute. 

The session provided the students and staff of Jio Institute with incredible insights into AI and its narratives on both sides and how as global citizens we need to deal with technology advancement.