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Class of '24: Orientation at Jio Institute

Class of '24: Orientation
Class of '24: Orientation

Orientation Day 1 - Arrival at Campus

The first day was dedicated to helping students settle in and become acquainted with the campus and its various facilities. To facilitate bonding among the new students, an ice breaker session was organized, conducted by Mr. John K. John, Vice President, Learning and Development, Reliance Industries Limited. This allowed them to connect with their peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and building the foundation for lasting friendships.

A highlight of the first day was the dinner event where parents had the opportunity to meet the esteemed faculty and administrative leads of Jio Institute. This gathering fostered a sense of community and allowed parents to engage in meaningful conversations with the individuals who will be instrumental in their children's education. It provided a platform for parents to ask questions, address any concerns and establish a connection with the institute.

The efforts made by Jio Institute to ensure a smooth and welcoming transition for students and their parents reflect their commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


Orientation Day 2: Getting to Know Jio Institute

The second day of orientation at Jio Institute was filled with informative sessions and activities that would prepare them for the upcoming year. 
The morning session commenced with a workshop on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) conducted by Ms. Monica Dhar, Senior General Manager of Holistic Wellbeing (P&R) at Reliance Industries Limited. This vital session emphasized the importance of creating a safe and respectful learning environment, raising awareness about sexual harassment, and educating students on the procedures to address such issues.  
In the afternoon, students attended  a series of informative presentations. They received valuable insights into Jio Institute's admissions process from Ms. Hima Bindu and Mr. Rakesh Kharbanda, showcasing the institution's commitment to nurturing a diverse and talented student body. 
The Career Services presentation, conducted by Mr. Vishal Goyal and Ms. Ritu Mishra, introduced students to a wide range of opportunities, including counseling, internships, industry collaborations, and skill development programs. 
Ms. Surinder Kaur and Mr. Avinash Jha's Student Affairs presentation familiarized students with the support services available, such as counseling, mentorship programs, and student clubs and councils, emphasizing holistic student development. 
Capt. Keshav Dubey delivered a presentation on Security & Emergency Protocols, highlighting Jio Institute's dedication to ensuring student well-being and outlining the measures in place to handle emergencies effectively. 
Additionally, departmental presentations by Ms. Ayesha Barse, Mr. Sonjayy Dahiyaa, and Mr. Prasad Vishwanathan provided students with essential information about the institute's operations, facilities, and services in areas such as F&B, MEP Services and Safety, and IT & Collpoll. 
Dr. M.G. Sreekumar led the Library Orientation, emphasizing the importance of utilizing the extensive resources available to support academic pursuits and foster research and intellectual growth. 
The day concluded with group activities facilitated by Ms. Ruby Grace, promoting team-building and socialization among the students. 


Orientation Day 3: Fostering Skills and Embracing Diversity at Jio Institute

The third day of the orientation week at Jio Institute focused on building essential skills and promoting diversity and inclusion within the campus. The schedule comprised workshops and sessions led by renowned educators and experts.  
The morning session revolved around the application of knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and contextual learning. Professor Atanu Ghosh, a distinguished academic with vast experience, including being a former Dean at SME, IIT Jodhpur, and a former Professor at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, conducted a workshop on case-based pedagogy. Through live case-solving, students were exposed to the methodology that would be extensively applied throughout the program. This session aimed to enhance students' analytical thinking and decision-making abilities while familiarizing them with real-world scenarios. The benefits of case-based pedagogy were emphasized, as it provides a holistic approach to learning by integrating multiple disciplines, encouraging critical analysis, and developing problem-solving skills.  
In the afternoon, students attended an engaging workshop on Diversity and Inclusion. Ms. Pallavi Kumari, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Reliance Industries Limited, facilitated the session. The objective was to create awareness and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion on campus. Group activities were incorporated to raise awareness, foster academic sensitivity, and encourage inclusive thinking and actions. Jio Institute believes in the strength of diversity and aims to cultivate an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. 
Day 3 marked another step forward in preparing the students for a transformative learning experience, demonstrating Jio Institute’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, critical thinking, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion. 


Orientation Day 4: Exploring Jio World Center, NMACC and Reliance Corporate Park

 On Day 4 of the orientation week, students embarked on an exciting excursion to various prominent locations associated with Jio Institute's parent company, Reliance. The day began with a visit to the Jio World Center (JWC) and Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC). 
Students had the opportunity to visit Jio World Center, India's premier convention center known for hosting top-notch exhibitions, meetings and social events. The visit included a detailed presentation on the facilities available at JWC, along with addresses by the leadership team. 
Afterward, students headed to Reliance Corporate Park (RCP), where they enjoyed lunch at the Learning & Development Center. Mr. Anand Bhatnagar, AVP of Learning & Development at Reliance, conducted a session titled "Discover Reliance." This session delved into the story of Reliance and provided a comprehensive presentation on the wide range of companies under the Reliance Group. 
Students then had the privilege of attending presentations by business and HR leaders at the Learning & Development Center. These leaders, including those from Jio Telecom, Reliance Retail and Reliance Hydrocarbons, shared insights and expertise in their respective fields. 
Students then got the opportunity to explore the 5G Experience Zone and Retail Experience Zone at Reliance Corporate Park. A guided tour of Reliance Corporate Park was also organized to showcase its different facilities, including a visit to the temple, lake and sports amenities. 
Day 4 provided an immersive experience for students, allowing them to explore key locations associated with Reliance and gain insights into the conglomerate's diverse businesses and innovative endeavours. 


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