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Unlocking the Essence of Business Strategy with Niraj Ambani

Shri Niraj Ambani Welcomed by the Provost
Shri Niraj Ambani Welcomed by the Provost

“The underlying DNA of Reliance has been to think of, what is good for India, and its people and then solving those problems, that becomes business. This principle emphasised by the founder, Dhirubhai Ambani, is the core of every business in RIL group” remarked Shri Niraj Ambani, Group President, Supply Chain, Reliance Industries Limited, in an interactive session at Jio Institute.

On his visit, Shri Niraj Ambani toured the campus facilities, interacted with the leadership of the institute and then proceeded to address the gathering of students and staff.

He touched upon the early days of the founder, Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and his entrepreneurial mindset, even as a child. The way Mr. Dhirubhai ran a “Nimbu Pani” stall with a quarter of a rupee as the starting capital in his childhood to scaling Reliance Textiles, by sourcing new technology and creating assets, are good examples of his business acumen. Reliance still operates on the same core principles of the founder: Creating Value and assets that provide further business opportunities, which in turn fuels growth.

Shri Niraj Ambani went on to explain how sustainable businesses are built and the strategies that go behind them. He gave glowing examples of the Jio Telecom and Reliance Pipeline project, that underlined the strategy at the macro level: Setting of goal, Definition of details and the process. He further delved into how the supply chain function led by him, focused on 3 pillars at a micro level: Technology, Quality and Talent and solved the businesses’ problems. He also narrated the extraordinary initiatives taken by the Chairman and the Reliance team during the Covid-19 lockdown, to keep the business operations running. Their efforts ensured that the wider ecosystem benefitted during a critical time in the country. 

The students had a chance to interact and discuss on Sustainable initiatives taken in the Supply chain industry, technological advancements expected and many more topics. 

Shri Niraj Ambani advised the managers of today and tomorrow to take up the responsibility of building India’s future, by solving problems that exist at every level. 

The session provided a chance for future business leaders to be inspired and motivated to create a bright future for the country.