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Ready, Set and Go! - Youth Train at Athletics Summer Camp 2024

Participants and Jio Institute staff pose after the event
Participants and Jio Institute staff pose after the event

In this electrifying summer of fun and adventure, youth and kids explored their interests in athletics through Jio Institute’s “Athletic Summer Camp 2024”. The summer camp is an initiative designed for the youth to try their hands on Shotput, Sprints, High Jump and many more athletic games at the world-class athletic facilities at Jio Institute. 

The Summer Camp 2024 spanned from May 1 – May 15, 2024, for the youth, aged between 12-18 years. The programme aimed to help the participants have a foundational crash course on Athletics – Track and Field and inspire the sporting culture in the youth. Around 30 boys and girls enthusiastically participated in the camp, learning while having fun for two weeks. 

The camp was overseen by renowned Athletics Coach, Mr Kadiravan Nadir, certified CECS Level 1.

The summer camp burst into action with laughter and cheers, as fun games broke the ice and set the stage for the camp. The intensity increased with warm-up exercises, Aerobic, Endurance and Conditioning exercises and specific drills for the next few days before getting into the main act: The Sprint and Relay practices.

Strength and Agility exercises became the routine to build up muscle, and speed into what was coming: the field sports – Throw, Jumps, and High Jumps. The participants increased their focus and intensity with each passing day and that required the intervention to focus on a crucial part of sports: Rest and Recovery. 

A Nutrition & Injury Prevention session was conducted by physiotherapist Ms Zahabai Basrai and nutritionist Dr Niharika Prasad. It helped the participants understand the importance of rehabilitation and good diet practices. 

The participants also did Yoga and meditation as part of their camp, conducted by Mr Subhash Karapu. 

After two weeks of training and practice, the participants locked horns against each other in a triathlon competition (100m sprint, Shotput and long jump) on the final day. After an intense battle, winners in various groups emerged and they were awarded medals and certificates.

The Athletics summer camp helped to be a good foundation for the youth of Ulwe community to experience the world of athletics, through training and overall development.