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From Classroom Champions to Changemaking Leaders: Educators Shine at Jio Institute's Middle Leader Programme!

Certificate distribution
Certificate distribution

Imagine classrooms buzzing not just with lessons learned, but with the electricity of leadership and innovation! The Middle Leader Programme conducted by Jio Institute, in partnership with the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS), witnessed the same. Over five action-packed days, this programme wasn't just about learning – it was about transforming educators across India into tomorrow's leaders!

Breaking the stereotype of the monotonous lectures of the classroom, this programme saw hands-on activities, games, and simulation as part of the learning experience. With over 60 educators – teachers and coordinators from a diverse tapestry of schools (including CBSE, IB, ICSE and more) across nine Indian states – coming together, the programme was a culmination of diverse and unique minds. 

The programme kicked off with an electrifying inauguration where renowned leaders like Mr Abhimanyu Basu (Dean and CEO of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School) and Mr V P Joy (Sr. Executive Vice President of Reliance Industries) ignited a fire in the participants, emphasising the incredible power educators hold in shaping young minds. The programme was a mix of workshops, lectures and activities, led by the expert duo of Ms Sarah Kupke and Ms Helen Morgan from ECIS.

Participants learnt about the art of building high-performing teams, fostering collaboration, and creating dynamic environments where student learning is at the centre. The programme delved into the nuances of communication, equipping educators with the skills to lead impactful conversations and spearhead change.

Next in line, the instructors introduced the power of coaching in leadership. They enabled the educators with the knowledge of the tools to guide and empower their colleagues. Participants even got to test-drive these techniques in a real-world simulation, receiving valuable feedback from their peers and instructors that honed their skills to a razor-sharp edge.

Last but not least, in a unique session led by Dr Shrikant Vadapalli (Head of Capability Development, Jio Platforms Limited Academy), the participants learnt and practised the Art of Design Thinking. This innovative approach opens new doors for problem-solving, encouraging educators to approach student learning experiences with boundless creativity.

After five days of intense sessions, the programme culminated in a grand celebration of achievements, complete with a certificate distribution ceremony. The participants of the programme took away lessons and skills that can be implemented back in their schools and workplaces. The Middle Leader Programme wasn't just a leadership session – it was a platform for Educators to explore and innovate learning, that can inspire the young minds of the nation.